A few weeks ago, I wrote out a contract with myself for social media. There needed to be some boundaries set into place. I am not saying that social media is completely bad. I know there is plenty of good that can come from it.

However, I also know that there is plenty of bad stuff that can come from it. I know that I have a tendency to compare myself to other people and situations and I have a tendency to judge.

I have noticed a direct correlation between my emotional state and view of the world and how things are going on Facebook. It’s terrible to think that I am that wrapped up in Facebook. Embarrassing might be a better way to explain it. (*blush*)

The number one thing, though, that’s not good about social media is that it is an awful time waster. I know that I could have had so much more stuff done in my life if Facebook had never entered the scene.  If it weren’t for me feeling like crap about myself, covering that up by judging other people, and then spend all my time doing stupid things, I know I’d be in a completely different place.  I might have even written a book by now. Instead of lingering on the past I am choosing to name it for what it is, repent of it, and then move on.

So, today I wrote about the contract stating this…

No Social Media UNTIL…

  • Time with my Savior
  • Said my affirmations
  • Cleaned one area in the house
  • Complete Top 3 Items on To-Do List
  • Read a Book
  • Workout (Monday – Friday)
  • Write 1000 words
  • Read or Listened to Coaching
  • Self-Care

I will complete all those tasks before I get on any form of social media. I know full well that this will mean that some, if not most, days will not allow for social media. Does that make me sad? It sure does!  And that’s not good!!  WHY would I be sad about not going on social media? It means my priorities have gotten majorly out of whack. The items I listed above are all the things I believe are far more important than social media. These are the things that need to happen first each and every day.

“I will be diligent in my work each day and let God take care of the future.” Click To Tweet

I have seen so much good come from this social media contract with myself. It is pretty amazing. I helped me put my priorities back into the proper place for the most part. I will confess there are days when I do check social media at times that do not coincide with this contract. Those days usually coincide with some world event that I’m watching closely. For example, I was on Facebook way too much when watching Hurricane Irma. Or, I find I need to do some social media work that relates to this blog. 

It is so refreshing to be reclaiming my life and living the life I want to live. To live in freedom and on my own terms is quite the victory. It’s happening!!!

What do you think? Do you find social media to be a threat to your time or emotions? What steps have you taken to beat it? 





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