Are there habits or behaviors you want to change in your life? Then you need to keep track of these habits on a daily basis so you are equipped to change.

I have recently become aware of some habits and behaviors that I really need to change. I want to live a life that is free and successful and I want to live my best and most winning life possible. These particular habits and behaviors are not serving me well and not contributing to my best life and   knew I had to get back on track.

Here are the three main habits I need to change:

Time Management

I start out each day with my To Do list and the best intentions to get things done and to not fall behind on various projects. And then come the end of the day I wonder where the time went and how in the world was there still items on my To Do List. I didn’t lounge all day after all. Or did I? It sure did feel busy. If the day felt busy then how in the world did so much time get past me without actually getting much done? Something needed to change with my time management if I wanted to move forward in my life and business.


I am not a very tidy person by nature. There, I said it. My house is often way more cluttered and disorganized than I would ever want to admit. I hate to say it but this has even affected my desire to be more hospitable with friends and neighbors.

I often make an effort to keep the house clean and it will last for about a week. The house looks great during that week. I am happy. My husband is happy. Even the son and dog are happy with the fresher, less cluttered, and more peaceful environment. Then “life happens” and I fall behind on the housework. As I fall behind I become less motivated to get the work done and time marches on without me doing any kind of housework.

I don’t like to admit it but it’s true and something had to change. An orderly house may not come naturally to me and my personality but it is definitely a skill I can learn and implement.


It’s funny how, despite the best intentions, food that does not serve me well sneaks into my daily habits without me even noticing. It can be so sneaky and it all adds up and affects how I feel. How about you?

(Note: This is not about weight loss. This is about vitality and health.)

I have been tired throughout the day. I haven’t been recovering from my runs quite as I would like. And I’ve felt heavy all the time instead of feeling light and healthy.

I knew I needed to change things up and figure out how to get life-giving food back into my daily routine.

I had three main areas I knew I needed to change in order to live my best life moving forward but how in the world could I change these things?

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I knew that in order to make successful and long-lasting changes I needed to start tracking each of these areas so I could have a firm grasp on where I am now and how to improve in the future.

Why Track? 3 Reasons.

Tracking gives you a reason for a change.

Tracking forces you to become aware of the bad habits in your life. By keeping a log of what you are doing each day it forces you to bring that behavior into the forefront of your mind. In so doing, you naturally change slowly over time for the good.

Tracking also gives you a baseline for change.

The first week of tracking may look bad but now you know where you are and where you need to go.

Tracking gives you a record of change.

You can look back over your log and see how far you have come and be encouraged that you are moving in the right direction. And you can look at your tracking log and analyze it in order to tweak it and continue to make positive changes.

Are there habits or behaviors you want to change in your life? Then you need to keep track of these habits on a daily basis so you are equipped to change.

How Did I Track My Changes?

Time Management:

I started using the app called aTimeLogger (Android & iPhone) to get a feel for how I am spending my time each day. It took some time to get used to using the app but it sure did give me a clear picture of how I am spending my time each day. Success in tracking my time was dependent on me being brutally honest with my tracking and since I wanted to make a positive change I was willing to be just that, brutally honest.

Now this app keeps me accountable for my time. I want to see my time well spent when I look back over my day through the reports and that motivates me to make good choices.


I have already said that I am not a natural housekeeper. It is just the truth. But, I can follow a checklist like a champ. I learned the key to keeping a clean house is to step out of the way and let someone else tell me what to do. I can do what I’m told. I joined the Motivated Moms website for their housecleaning checklists. These lists are simple and straight to the point and each day takes less than an hour to complete if focused.

A checklist and schedule is fine and dandy but how do I ensure I am actually getting the work done?

I use the HabitBull app (Android) to help me keep track of the habit. I’m sure you’ve seen all those colorful habit trackers that bullet journalers create. This is the same but on my phone. HabitBull makes it fun to challenge myself to “not break the line!” and keep tracking that I did my chores each day. I find the line very motivating because ending the line would make me sad.

I also use HabitBull to track my writing each day, whether or not I did the time tracker that day, and also if I logged my meals (see below). IF there is a break in the line I can ask myself why that happened and decide if it is something I can improve on later on. Without tracking I would not have that information.


I have learned that if I make tracking complicated I will not do it. That is why I generally stay away from apps like My Fitness Pal for tracking meals. It works for many, many people and is a solid app.

I choose to track my food through photographs on the Meal Logger app. I just take a picture of whatever I’m eating and plug them in the app. I don’t track anything beyond that. No calories or macros.

Tracking my food through photographs helps me look back over my day and decide if I made good choices or not and how I can improve. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t have the information in the first place. The unexpected benefit of tracking my meals with pictures is I sometimes ask myself if I want to take the picture and if not, I don’t eat the food. That usually happens around foods that would not benefit me in the first place so it works out well.

Tracking areas you want to change is so simple to do if you let it be. It is such a powerful tool for total life change.

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My personality is very much that of a free spirit. I am far more flighty and imaginative and creative than I am organized and purposeful. I naturally stray away from charts and spreadsheets and any kind of tracking. That does not mean I can’t see the benefits of tracking and charts, however. When I step out of the way of myself I see and experience the benefits of learning and implementing skills that are proven to work.

What could you be tracking and changing today?





Are there habits or behaviors you want to change in your life? Then you need to keep track of these habits on a daily basis so you are equipped to change.


Are there habits or behaviors you want to change in your life? Then you need to keep track of these habits on a daily basis so you are equipped to change.

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2 comments on “Track What You Want To Change”

  1. Love it! I just recently started keeping track of certain behaviors that I want to change also. It is such a good habit to get into. Keeps us accountable.

  2. I love this!! I’ve tracked a few things – like my time management, but I’ve never thought of it as tracking something I want to make changes to. That is SUCH a good idea. I’ll be doing this in the future!

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