I have written quite a bit about the benefits of daily writing for the blogger and writer. There is no doubt that writing on a consistent basis is key to success for any writer.

Waiting for inspiration or motivation to write anything is the death of any serious writer. If we wait for either of those things then the writing, honestly, will never get done.

Let’s review: What are some of the professional benefits of daily writing?

• Content creation
• Discovering new ideas
• Habit creation

But, as I have been practicing the habit of daily writing (1000 words a day) I have discovered some benefits from the practice that I wasn’t expecting.

Get The Fog Out In The Morning 

I am not a big morning person. I am even less of a night person. So I typically choose to get up on the earlier side to get my day started. Even so, there is a big fog that hovers over my brain when I first get up. I can’t focus on anything.

I have said in the past that I need coffee and writing in order to get the day going at a good pace.

The first thing I do when I officially start my work day is my daily writing of 1000 words.

The first part of that writing is often full of gibberish and rubbish. The fog is quite evident as I can barely put together a coherent thought.

Aas I continue to write and drink my coffee, the thoughts start to come together and start to make more sense.

The fog is lifting.

Once I am done with my daily writing I am able to focus much better the rest of the day.

It’s like my daily habit of writing first is a big blower that pushes the fog away and clears the skies. Click To Tweet





Plan Out My Day And Become More Organized

I often do my daily planning during my daily writing.

As I process the day through the written word, the fog is lifting, and I have a much clearer view of what needs my closest attention and what is a lower priority.

As I am writing, I will often keep a running list of my To-Do’s right next to me and when my writing is done I will attack that list. And often times I will remember items that need to be added to the list as I’m writing. 

Writing clears the fog and then I can figure out what my priorities are.

As I am able to plan out my day via written word I am finding that I am much more organized.

On days when I skip the writing step for whatever reason I can feel it in so many ways. For one, I feel like I am just floating through my day without any kind of direction. I need direction and focus in my day to get anything done and to feel accomplished.

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Process My Emotions And Thoughts

One of the most unexpected benefits of daily writing has been what has happened to me emotionally.

I am a very sensitive person and I internalize everything. And, unfortunately, I default to a place of depression. 

I have processed so many things from my past and gained so much healing through this writing habit.

I am amazed at what comes flying out my fingers when I really get to writing some days. Some of those words will never be shared with anyone because they are just too raw to be shared. 

But, that’s okay!

Writing those raw words means that they are coming up to the surface and finally coming out. I am not forcing them to stay down inside me.

For way too long I have kept these thoughts and emotions buried because I did not want to ever let them out.

Why? Because I didn’t want to feel them again. I didn’t want to sit in those feelings and really feel them. Honestly, I didn’t want to cry again.

I have cried more in the last six months than probably in the last 20 years. This is good. I am good. And I have daily writing to thank for that.

Builds Confidence

The more I write on a daily basis the more my confidence grows that I can actually do this writing thing.

When I was not writing regularly it was no surprise that I never felt like I could ever be a writer.

Why would I? I wasn’t actually writing!!!

With daily writing, I am fulfilling the biggest requirement for being a writer. 

It’s not just confidence in writing, though.

It’s also confidence in other areas of my life.

If I can get up and write 1000 words a day then I can do other things, right?

I can also get up and go for a run on a regular basis too. I can put all the pieces together so that I build a custom marathon training plan one day at a time.

Building a habit to write every day helps me to see that creating anything of value means tackling that goal one day at a time. Click To Tweet





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There are definite benefits for any writer or blogger to be writing 1000 words a day. What about the unexpected benefits?

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17 comments on “The Unexpected Benefits Of Writing 1000 Words A Day”

  1. That’s great that writing first thing in the morning provides you with so many positive things! I definitely need to get back into the habit of working on my fiction writing, but I do write a lot for the blog so that’s kept me writing, which is good.


    • Oooooh, fiction writing. Man, that is something I have never been willing to try. HA! Fiction scares me!!! Perhaps I should try….just because…

  2. I’ve wanted to become a better writer and this just makes sense! I’ve had lots of teachers explain that to write better essays, you have to write more. But I never even thought about it transcending into different types of writing too! Thank you for this!!

    • YEP!!!! I have always been told that to be a better writer you have READ a lot and you have to WRITE a lot. Makes sense, huh? But, it sure helps to be reminded!! Glad I could help. 🙂

  3. Getting through the fog, I like this! Sometimes we just have to write, just do it. Get through the fog and the bad writing, so we can clear our heads and get to the writing what we intend to! Pinned!

  4. Yes!! I love it! I used to write every day. I need to get back into the swing of things! It really helped me focus and get all my feelings out before starting my day. It really does clear your mind! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I do want to develop a habit of writing every day. I don’t have an answer for why I don’t just do it. Loved hearing about your progress on so many levels that you are experiencing. That’s inspiring.

  6. I write fiction every morning, but this has inspired me to rekindle my journaling. I’m so busy creating life right now with blogging and fiction, that I’m not recording it. And lately, I’ve been working through a lot of decisions and choices to redirect my life – so I feel aimless. Maybe writing it out will help me find the day’s direction and gain that momentum you told us about. Thanks for posting this.

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