What To Do When You HATE Your Blog

Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling like I should share some parts of this whole writing/blogging thing that you don’t often see in all those flashy Pinterest pins, Income Reports or Blogs About Writing Blogs. *wink* 

The last few days have been hard. I was having so many doubts and lacked major vision in my writing. I was having MAJOR doubts. It was like I was convinced that absolutely no one would ever read my stuff and that all this effort will be for nothing. UGH! It has been rough. To say I didn’t love my blog is an understatement. It was more like hate. 

Now, I am feeling much better today. And I have more focus. What was it that helped me push through these problems? How did I come to not hate my blog anymore? 

I Go For A Run

It is amazing how getting some exercise and getting those endorphins moving can do for a cloudy vision. I was in the pit of despair one minute and then within a few minutes of running I felt tons better and I was getting more ideas pretty quickly. 

It never takes long for my mood to lift and my perspective makes a full 180 turn. 

When you are in the pits of creative despair and lack motivation or inspiration, get outside. Get some exercise.

I personally love running outside. Do what works for you. Move your body and remove yourself from your work.

Or as my husband will say, “Go for a run and don’t come back till you are in a better mood.” 




Change What I Am Working On

When I am feeling defeated and ready to quit, I switch what I’m working on.

For example, let’s say I’m working on getting some writing done. Ugh! I’m so tired of writing! So, I switch to creating a bunch of graphics for the blog. That’s a switch in what part of the brain I’m using and it can be such a sweet change.

Or, I switch to creating the printables I make for all the posts.

Finally, I like to turn off the creative side of blogging and go straight into consumer mode. I’ve invested in some blogging/writing courses. It often helps for me to put the creation side of my brain down and invest in myself through coaching. I turn on one of the courses and just watch and listen.

I’m still working and moving forward towards my dream. I’m just doing it differently.

Different is good, especially when I need a reboot. Click To Tweet

 I Go Back To Where It All Started

Why did you start blogging in the first place? 

What is the WHY behind this whole thing? 

For me, that means going back to the writing.

It is so easy for me to lose sight of the fact that I started this whole thing because I love writing. I get so caught up in SEO, social media, page views, stats, etc. I’m not saying those are not important. They are absolutely important to this important.

But, sometimes I need to be reminded the WHY of this whole thing. I love to write and I have something to say. When I feel downcast and ready to quit, I put aside all the business stuff for a day or two and I just write. I write and write and write and write.

I process my thoughts and feelings (yes, I’m a very emotional and sensitive person, INFJ) and as a bonus, also get quite a few blog posts knocked out.

What you need to do is go back to the beginning. Why did you start this whole thing? Go there. Click To Tweet


Take the day off. Take a few days off. Just let it sit.

Writing and keeping a blog can be an emotionally exhausting thing.  Take a complete break from the blog and writing.

Personally, I have this built into my week already by observing a Sabbath every week. On that day, I don’t do anything related to the blog whatsoever. It gives my brain and my heart a nice reset and I’m rested and ready to go when work resumes.

The Sabbath is the day that I focus on Self-Care. I do all the things that make my soul sing. That includes watching movies, napping, lingering over my cup of coffee, reading good books, going on adventures with my two favorite men, and unplugging from the Internet. 

What would your self-care look like? 

Listen, there will most likely come a day when you just want to throw your laptop out the window and swear you will NEVER ever blog another word again. That’s pretty natural. 

Take some time to sit with these feelings and figure out WHY you are feeling this way. 

Then, take some time do one or all of these steps to refresh and reset.

Come back stronger and a better writer and blogger. You went into the pit and then came back. 

Why? Because YOU ROCK!! 




Stock Image Credit:
Tim Gouw

It's going to happen. Are you prepared for when your blog loses its luster and you just might hate it?
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New Bloggers: Finding Your Expert Field

New bloggers,

I see you out there just itching to get your blog started. You know you want to dive into this thing called blogging but you feel stuck and that is what prevents you from hitting that PUBLISH button. 

In this time of information saturation, a big hurdle to getting out there in the blogging world is wondering if you are enough of an expert in your chosen field or niche.

I know I really struggled with this. I wanted to write from the most innermost places of my heart and mind. It was a burning desire that was only growing hotter and hotter as the years went on.

The thing is that I didn’t feel like I had any authority in anything. How in the world would anyone be willing to listen to what I had to say? I don’t have a ton of degrees, nor do I have a large portfolio of published writings. I’m not an expert in anything. 

Here’s the thing, though.

There is one thing that I AM an expert in and that is ME. Click To Tweet

I know myself better than anyone else in this world.

Let me share a short story with you.

I am sitting at my desk and I am writing out my 1000 words a day or I’m out for a run or I’m perhaps even in the shower. I have this absolutely wonderful and revolutionary post idea that I just know will change the world. I can’t wait to sit down and punch out this post for the entire world to see.

I do a quick search on the topic only to find out that no less than twenty people have written on the exact same topic.

What?! That’s not fair!!

I could’ve sworn this was an absolutely original idea!!!

“.... and there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 Click To Tweet

You can just assume that your amazing and revolutionary post idea has indeed been written about by at least one person and probably more.

Don’t lose heart! That’s not the end of the story.

There is a completely original idea that you are not considering.

No one has written on this amazing topic from YOUR perspective.

YOU are amazingly unique. Your perspective on the world is 100% original.

So, even if you do write on a topic that has already been addressed by others, your post is completely original because it is from YOU.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Having this mind-blowing realization is the key to me going from unfulfilled writer to fulfilled writer and blogger.

You are an Expert of YOU and no one can take that away from you. Click To Tweet

Get out there and start writing!!!

Okay, Sarah, that’s cool.

I’m an expert on myself. I kind of, sort of get that, but I’m not really an expert on anything else. What can I write about?

That’s a good question!

First, I would recommend that you just start writing every single day.

Or, at least pick certain days that you will write no matter what. I don’t write on the Sabbath, and that is because I don’t work that day and rarely even turn on my computer.

Make writing each day a non-negotiable. 

Find a routine that works for you and make a covenant with yourself that you will write every day on those days.

Writing on a consistent basis will help you find your unique voice and it will help you get those ideas stuck in your head out and on paper.

This daily writing does not have to be organized or publishable.

Just write.

If you want a good challenge to get your writing fingers moving really well then join me in writing 1000 words a day.


Second, you don’t have to be an expert on something to write about it.

But, if you write on it long enough you will become an expert.

And remember, you are already an expert on YOU.

What do I mean by you don’t have to be an expert to write about something?

A good example is all those fitness blogs out there. 

Most of those people weren’t experts in fitness. They were just people like you and me who wanted to get healthier and chose to document their journey in a blog.

Each person who writes a fitness blog is an expert on their own personal journey first.

The blog starts off simply as a diary of her progress and personal journey. And then as she learns more and more she shares all the knowledge she is gaining. The blog grows and so does the readership.

Why? Because people can relate to the story.

Third, find what makes you…YOU.

What makes you tick?

What are your passions?

Write about those.

When you write about what you love most you will be your most authentic self.

People today more than ever what authenticity and vulnerability.

The Internet is a world of fake news and fake stories and fake people.  It is the projection screen of everyone’s highlight reels.

But, if you step into the Internet world and present yourself and who you truly are. If you are open and honest, and perhaps even raw, then other’s will sit up and listen. And they will follow you because they have found a safe place. A tribe is born.

Be YOU!  You’re the expert, after all.

New Blogger, you have a voice that the world hasn’t heard from yet. You have a voice that the world NEEDS to hear. 

Get out there and let the world hear YOUR voice. 




New Bloggers: Finding Your Expert Field
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Journal Entry: Me? A Writer?

Relationships are built on transparency and vulnerability. It is so easy in this time of blogging and social media to always put on your best face and not open the gates to your heart and soul. I have spent way too long locked up, not letting anyone in. I want to break down those walls and let you in. For that reason, I am running a series of posts that I’m calling “Journal Entry.” In these posts, I will share directly from my journal, where I write my 1000 Words A Day. It will be a copy and paste with no editing or cleaning up. 

I can’t believe I am doing this.

I just can’t shake it and the Husband won’t let me. The Lord won’t let me. The Holy Spirit won’t let me. Apparently, I am a writer and there is nothing I can do about it.

But, seriously? Me? A writer? I have no formal training beyond writing papers for degrees in History and Counseling. What do I have to say? What can I offer this gigantic world? I am not an expert in anything. I am a wife, a homemaker, a homeschooler, a part-time jobber. I am overweight and out of shape. I’m not all that pretty. I am a jogger but I am firmly in the back of the pack. I am not an extravagant chef. I am not crafty and the crafts I do make are kind of gimpy looking. I have never made a big difference. I am one of those random faces in the crowd that doesn’t really stick out. I am average and maybe even less than that.

Me? A Writer? Seriously, Lord?

This is just crazy! Why won’t you leave me ALONE?! I have tried so many things and nothing has ever worked. And whenever I cry out for wisdom and direction always come back to writing. There is something inside me that wants to write even though I have no idea what it would be. Nothing has ever worked! What would make me think this thing called writing would work? What can I say? Would anyone even listen? What is the point if no one listens? So many thoughts. I have tried writing before and that fell by the wayside too.

How is this time different? Clueless.

The Lord prompts me and I turn away. I am scared and embarrassed. Who am I to think that I could be used to do something awesome?

Me? A writer? There is NO WAY!

The Holy Spirit digs into my soul and asks me to write. I run away. I don’t want to go that deep, Lord. It is too dark and shameful. Please leave that part alone because I am so not worthy of your presence. Please allow me to keep my shamefulness and mediocrity to myself, a sinful woman. I have given you my soul, my love, and my trust. Please don’t ask me to give every last detail of my shame and then write it down. This is too hard. I am not worthy. I have done so many terrible things. People won’t love me. They won’t like me if they knew.

Me? A Writer? I just can’t believe it, Lord.

You say that you are drawing me to yourself through pen and paper. You chase me down. You are relentless. “Open yourself to me and great things will happen,” you say. “Just allow me to clean you from the inside out,” you say. “You know my Son and you know my salvation but there are galaxies more to know of my Love and plan for you, my Child. Just let go”

I am afraid.

I am afraid of what will be revealed, uncovered. I am sinful and I am ugly. Please, Lord, use someone else. Use someone who is more faithful and more talented. I am just a homemaker, a home-schooler. I have never done anything great. I am just me. And yet you never let me go. How many times have I heard, “Oh NO! I am not letting you get off that easy!”

Me? A Writer? Seriously, Lord?

I guess so. Apparently, you aren’t letting me get out of this one. It is with fear and trembling that I submit. I have no idea where this will lead. I am still quite afraid of what will be shown to me. It is ugly and it is dark. Of that I am sure. But, if the Lord can use me, a sinner, to bring himself glory then I guess it is all worth it.

So, with that, I become a writer.




Stock Image Credit:
Aaron Burden

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How To Start Writing For Your Blog

I hear you want to start a blog.

That is so awesome. I am so glad that I took the leap and started this blog. I think blogging has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. Blogging is an amazing outlet.

And, if you are willing to work hard, you can even make a decent income from blogging all from the comfort of your own home.

I’m sure you have asked Rabbi Google about blogging. And you’ve probably gone to Pinterest looking for the best “How-To” articles for starting a blog.

Let me guess. You were inundated with a ton of pretty Pins and articles about how to start a blog. You saw email courses, ebooks, and even entire courses on how to do this thing called blogging.

YES!!  This is exactly what you need!!  Blogging!  Here we coooooooome!!!

You sign up for some free email courses and read some ebooks. If you are really hungry, you might even pay to sign up for an e-course.


You are taking the right steps.

One of the biggest keys to success is to remain coachable and teachable all the time. Click To Tweet

So, now you have figured out your domain, platform, hosting company, WordPress template, free stock photos and how to edit them to make awesome pinnable images, etc. You are slowly but surely learning the technical side of blogging.

Yeah!  Your blog is being born!!!

But, wait.

What’s the number one thing bloggers do??????

They WRITE!!



Oh, crap!  Now you need to actually write!

You probably have an idea of what you want to write about.

You might even have a fairly good idea of what your niche is thanks to one of those fancy email courses you subscribed to.  Am I right?

But, how do you get that actual content written?

I have spent a fair amount of time in some awesome blogger groups on Facebook and one of the most common sticking points I am noticing for starting a blog is actually getting the content written and out there.

The number one objective of a blogger is to create AWESOME content, a lot of it. Click To Tweet

The funny thing is that the writing part of keeping a blog is easy to me. I was writing long before I even considered starting this blog. It’s the technical side of things that get me frustrated and wondering if I want to do this for the long run.

Here is my little bit of wisdom about getting awesome content out there. 

Write. Write. Write. Write A lot. Write Often.

One of the most frustrating things for me to do is sit down at my computer for the purpose of writing a blog article. The pressure of creating a quality piece that will be published drives me nuts. I usually end up sitting there, staring at the computer, for way too long. 

Getting past this paralysis is as easy as just writing every single freaking day. I don’t worry about the content or the editing. My fingers are allowed to just flow over the keyboard. It doesn’t matter what comes out. Just let it go. 

Write with Your Heart. Edit with your Brain. Click To Tweet

One of my virtual writing mentors, Jeff Goins, recently wrote a post on how he finally came to make it as a writer. He said, “So I made a life-changing decision. I would write every day and publish it on my blog for two years straight. That was my promise to myself. Practice every day for two years before giving up.”

As you write every day you are creating an awesome library of content that you can pull from when it’s time to create a blog post.

Writing every freaking day also helps you push past any fear you might have about writing.

Writing is a vulnerable thing to do. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about. You always leave a little bit of yourself on that page. And for that, writing is scary for many people.

Writing requires a different part of the brain than talking.  And that part of the brain needs daily exercise to get fit and ready to produce. Daily writing provides that exercise. Before you know it, writing becomes easy and you just might come to love it for all that it can provide.

Daily writing will help you come up with topic ideas that you aren’t even writing about.

Just the act of writing helps me come up with awesome ideas for future posts. It’s kind of funny how it happens too. The vast majority of post ideas come while I am doing my daily writing. For that reason alone, it is so worth having this daily habit.

Write Every Freaking Day. Your Content will create itself. And you will learn about yourself along the way.

I wish I could come up with some awesome three-step formula that will sell like crazy but it’s just not that complicated. There aren’t three steps to it!!

Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write.

Write for yourself first and then publish for your audience. Click To Tweet

Try it.

Consider doing a 1000 Words a Day Challenge!! 

Let me know what happens!!!!




Actually writing for your blog can be hard sometimes. Here's how you can guarantee tons of content for your blog in no time. No complicated formula here.
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How To Conquer Those HUGE Goals

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.)

Starting a blog is hard.

Running a marathon is hard. 

When I started this blog, I had no idea how much was involved.

I knew that I needed to invest in some coaching this time around. I’ve started blogs in the past but I had zero ideas what I was doing. ZERO. I figured I could bootstrap it and figure it out along the way. In some ways that is true but I am determined to make this blog work. I have a stronger vision and much bigger goals.

So, I bought coaching and it has helped me a ton.

Even with that said, I am still shocked and sometimes overwhelmed about how much there is to grow a profitable blog.

Pinterest to Freebies.
Opt-ins to Twitter.
Producing Products to E-mail marketing
The list goes on and on and on.

Once I got through the awesome course I bought, I realized how big the blogging world really was. Holy Moly Sweet Jesus.

How in the world will I learn all of this?

Here’s what I’m doing. I’ve taken a play from my son’s homeschool playbook. 

EASY + 1

You can relate this to blogging or training to run a marathon .

Here’s how it works.

You see a project or massive goal that you want to attack. It is HUGE and honestly, quite overwhelming. How in the world will you ever get it done? 

You are right. There is no way you can do this where you are right now.

But, you CAN do it by moving one step at a time and challenging yourself bit by bit.

The EASY in this formula is all the things you already know how to do.

It could be that you already know how to post basic blog articles or that you can walk a mile pretty easily.

Keep doing the easy things, putting one foot in front of the other.

But, doing the EASY things like posting basic blog articles and walking for a mile will not get you to a profitable blog or running a marathon.

You have to CHALLENGE yourself. That’s where the +1 comes in.

Don’t stay where you are. Do the easy and take it up a step.

Easy + 1 gets the job done.

Let’s look at a couple scenarios to drive this home. 

Scenario #1

You know how to post basic blog posts. By all means, keep putting out quality content on a regular basis.

Remember, bloggers are writers first. 

Now start adding graphics that you created in places like PicMonkey or Canva .

Got the pictures under your belt? Can you make quality pictures quickly? Yes?

Now your Easy is a basic blog post with awesome graphics.

Add another tool to your “Awesome Profitable Blog” toolbelt. 

Don’t stop there!

Keep making your basic blog posts with awesome graphics.

Then, start sharing those blog posts with awesome graphics in Facebook Groups.

To do that you need to figure out which groups are best for you and your niche, join them, and figure out the atmosphere in there. This will take some time. This is your next +1.

You will be creating basic blog posts with awesome graphics that you share in your favorite Facebook Groups.

Keep doing that, bit by bit, until you have a profitable blog.

Take the Easy and +1 it with each new and challenging step. You WILL get there.




Scenario #2

You can only walk a mile at a time but you have this HUGE dream to run across a marathon finish line. (*author waving hand*)

It seems impossible right now. Well, that’s probably because it is impossible….where you are right now.

That’s okay. Don’t give up because it’s impossible now. 

Keep doing your one-mile walk.

Then add another half mile. Do that till it’s easy. And repeat.

Start adding in small bursts of running. Do that till it’s easy.

Lengthen the small bursts of running. Do that till it’s easy.

Increase how far you run each day.

Next thing you know, you are running the marathon (26.2, BABY!!).

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Okay, yes, it was hard but you tackled it the Easy + 1 way.

This is exactly how I am facing this massive world of profitable blogging AND running my first marathon.

I am not there yet but I am tackling each +1 and adding another tool to my toolbelt with each step.

This method really helps those feelings of being overwhelmed at conquering HUGE goals. Just focus on each new challenging step, step by step, and eventually, you’ll get there. 

In the meantime, your job is to work with diligence and to always pursue that Easy + 1. Click To Tweet



Stock Photo Credit:
Joshua Earle

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How I Write 1000 Words A Day: 6 Habits

The most common reaction I get when I say that I write 1000 words a day no matter the day is that of shock and “there is no way I could do that.”

I will tell you that it is HARD a lot of the time but the reward is so worth the effort. From helping me process all my thoughts and emotions to providing fodder for this blog makes prioritizing writing each day so worth it.

Now, getting 1000 words out each day can be a real struggle. My natural state is to be like a squirrel and chase after the next shiny thing.There is always something more fun or exciting out there. 

So, how in the world do I stay focused enough to get 1000 words out each day?

Let me share the habits that work pretty well for me. I hope adopting these habits can help YOU start writing 1000 words a day too.



In order for this to happen each day I have to turn off all social media.

It actually goes further than that. The only window open on my computer is my Word document where I write everything.

If anything else is open, the squirrel in me yearns to click over (like right now, I’m having to resist opening up CHROME) and see what’s happening on the news, weather, movies, friends on FB, blogging groups, Pinterest, email, etc. etc. etc.

I could easily lose an hour if I allow myself to click over and go down any rabbit holes.

All other windows, but especially social media (the worst culprit), must stay closed until this writing is done completely.

Then, when the writing is done, I can get my hits of social media or whatever peaks my interesting before I move on to the next task.



I keep my phone on the desk with me for most of the day.

The phone can be just as distracting as social media.


Because of all those random blinky lights that happen with notifications. If I see a blinky light notification, I just HAVE to check what it is notifying me about. A text, a Google hangout, a Facebook notification, a ReTweet, a new deal on Amazon, or a big on eBay. All of these notifications will send me into the trees with the squirrels just as quickly as social media on the laptop.

I also turn the phone on silent. Those notifications have beeps that will get me climbing to worlds unknown just like the lights will.

The phone is turned over and silent when I’m writing.

And on days when I’m feeling especially squirrely I will put the phone on the filing cabinet behind me so I can’t even see it.





Music for Concentration

I am often wearing my headphones while I’m working and listening to a wide repertoire of music. I work better with some good music on than I do in silence. It helps quiet all the miscellaneous thoughts.

For my 1000 words a day time, though, I listen to a particular station on Spotify called MUSIC FOR CONCENTRATION.

This music on this station is absolutely perfect for focusing on the task at hand. I can zone out and just write while I’m listening to it. I can’t tell you how it works but it really is easier to concentrate and pound out a ton of words quickly.

Do It First

I schedule my writing time as the first thing I do each day when I sit down at the computer.  Morning is my freshest time and it is far easier to be creative.

Writing my 1000 words a day is one of my non-negotiables when it comes to this blog. I started this whole crazy idea because I am a writer and a writer gotta write.

At the start of building this blog, I found myself getting caught up in the technical details of setting up a blog. There were some days I totally forgot to write.  I wasn’t being true to myself or being authentic with you.

So, I recommitted to the 1000 words a day no matter what. If that is the only thing I get done on the blog that day, I am okay with that.

The main purpose of a writer is to write. Period. Full Stop. Click To Tweet

 I put the most important thing at the start of the day. I write my 1000 words every morning before I do any marketing, blog building, skill building, homemaking, or whatever.



I don’t edit the document when I’m writing.

UGH!  I know. It is so dang hard for the Grammar Police.

The point of writing 1000 words a day is to get the words out. It is not to create publishable material.

The publishable material comes later when I do the editing and formatting.

This daily exercise is to just let the ideas flow out of your fingers. That’s it. There are no paragraphs that make sense. Most of the time it is stream of consciousness and would make zero sense to anyone else who read it.

Yes, the little squiggly lines that keep popping up in Word drive me nuts but if I corrected every squiggly red line would never get this stuff out. And trying to perfect it as I’m going totally kills the creative process.



Finally, you don’t get up from your desk until the 1000 words are written.

Most of the day I use a timer to help me take breaks.

But, when I’m writing my 1000 words a day I don’t get up until it is done. That gives me more motivation to get it done because my butt is starting to hurt after awhile.

Committing to not get up during your daily writing ritual means that you are placing it at a very high priority.

Give these habits a try and let me know how your daily writing is going!!!!




It takes good habits to ensure I am able to write 1000 words a day. Here are the top 6 habits.
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Write For an Audience of One: How to Keep Authenticity in Your Writing

How To Keep Authenticity in Your Writing

It is a struggle when you are a writer and a blogger. There is this tension between being authentic in your writing and also keeping in mind the needs and desires of your readers.

What does being authentic in your writing mean?

It means putting your full self in your words and not putting up a façade. It means being open and honest with your audience.

I have created a few other blogs in the past and they all came to an end after a long and slow death. As I have looked back over them and considered what went wrong there is one thing that is consistent. I was trying to be someone I was not.

When I looked at other mom blogs and fitness blogs and I got this idea in my head of what the perfect mom or fitness fanatic should look like. I tried to fit my squiggly shaped self into the square shaped hole. Y’all, it didn’t work.

It hurts when you try to force your shape into the shape others. Click To Tweet

The life cycle of my past blogs is that I would be so excited to be getting my words and voice out there. The fire was there and I believed in my message.

Then I would start losing interest in my blog. I’m confident it was because I was doing exactly what I mentioned above. I stopped writing for myself and focused purely for others.

The funny thing is that I believe my audience would sense a change in my writing and would lose interest.


I was losing authenticity

It wasn’t me who was writing. It was a page views and ad-click seeking robot. You can only cover that up for so long.

Before I started this blog I prayed long and hard about even starting. I didn’t want to start another blog only for it to have the same demise. 

I wanted to do things thing differently.

As I was still in the praying and brainstorming phase for this blog, I came across this article by Jeff Goins

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” – Cyrill Connolly

When I read that quote I knew what exactly what my problem was. I was not writing for myself at all.

Writing is a truly creative beast. Take your true self out and you kill it. Click To Tweet

From that day forward, I made a covenant with God and with myself that I would ALWAYS be authentic in my writing. 100%.

Jeff Goins also says in his article “Writing for yourself is the only way to begin writing, in my opinion. You take your audience into account in the editing and tweaking process. You start, though, by writing for you.” 

Every day I write my 1000 words. I write those words 100% for me. In these pages, you will see some of the rawest emotions you could ever imagine. Those words are between God and me.

All my blog articles come for my 1000 words a day Word document. The only difference is that I take the very same words and I just tweak and edit a little bit to be more attractive for other people and the internet.

How to Keep Authenticity in Your Writing

It always starts with me and my authentic self.

Do the people-pleasing tendencies try to come out to play? Absolutely.

For example, I knew I wanted to write this blog article. I sat down to write and the words weren’t coming. I sat here for probably 5 minutes just staring at the screen.

Then I literally slapped myself and said, “Sarah, for crying out loud. You want to write about authenticity in writing and yet you are still trying to get it just right. Just WRITE…For….yourself. The rest will come.”

What’s the take-home point here? JUST WRITE! 

Write for yourself and only yourself. Write for an Audience of One. Forget all the other people. And in so doing you will impact more lives than you thought possible. Click To Tweet

If you feel discouraged as a writer please consider taking a step back and asking yourself WHY you write and WHY you love writing.

Then go back to that place and just write. Don’t write for anyone but yourself. Find healing in that practice. And then, when you are ready, share your authentic writing with the world. See what happens.

People are waiting to hear YOUR voice. They don’t want to hear someone else’s voice through you. They Want YOU.

Go Write.

Oh, and while you’re at it. Also, go get Jeff Goins FREE ebook “The Writer’s Manifesto.” Hear the rallying cry of authentic writers and get to work.





Write For An Audience of One - How to Keep Authenticity In Your Writing
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Introducing the 1000 Words A Day Writing Challenge

Write 1000 Words a Day.

I remember reading those words and how they stuck in my brain.

At the time, I had so much inside of me that needed to be processed and come out. But, there was a block in my mind.

I just couldn’t write anything down!!

Then I saw it again. “Write 1000 Words A Day.” 

 It doesn’t matter what you write or how well you write, just write 1000 words a day. 

I started implementing that habit in my daily routine and the results have been unbelievable. 

You can read more about how I came about this habit in my post “How Writing 1000 Words A Day Changed My Life…Too.”

Since I have been writing 1000 words a day I have processed and released so much pain and hurt from my past AND I have launched my writing career.

I don't believe I would be where I am now if it weren't for writing 1000 words a day. Click To Tweet

That’s why I am always talking about it. I share with fellow writers and bloggers. And I share it with people who have a ton of stuff that needs to be processed and spit out. Don’t we all need to do that??

And I share it with people who have a ton of stuff that needs to be processed and brought to the surface. Don’t we all need to do that??

Does writing 1000 words a day sound exactly like what you need to jump-start your writing? 

It doesn’t have to be writing for publication or a blog. It could be writing in a journal or stories that make your heart happy. 

You may not even consider yourself a “writer” but you’d like to give it a try and see what happens. 

It doesn’t matter what your motivation is. I encourage you to see what happens if you write 1000 words a day for 30 days.

Sign up below for an awesome Printable tracker to help you write 1000 words every day for 30 days.

Think about what you could accomplish in 30 days of consistent writing. 

You could have a month’s worth of blog articles done. 

You could write an e-book. 

You could write that short story you’ve always wanted to write. 

You could get all those ideas out of your head that won’t stop pestering you. And that might lead to more sleep! YES! 

You could process through the depression and anxiety that are holding you back from your God-given talent. 

Whatever it may be, unleash your potential with writing 1000 words a day. Click To Tweet

Get your FREE printable below AND you’ll get weekly encouragement in your inbox too!!  Win-Win!





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The Day I Took the Title, Writer



I have enjoyed writing for quite a few years. I think my passion for writing started back in college. I think it was then that I discovered that not only could I write prolifically but I also really enjoyed doing it. I was a history major in college and writing was like breathing to me.  

It was also in college that I started sensing that writing was where God was prompting me to go. I could hear whispers that I should move on from academic papers and write for others. It was then that I started dreaming of writing a book someday. 

After college, I went on to Seminary and got my Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. This degree also required a bunch of writing and I flourished. This just cemented in my brain even more that I loved writing and I especially enjoyed writing about topics that really mattered to me. I love writing about God, Scripture, counseling, helping people, and walking alongside people through their pain. I relished in all the writing even when procrastination had me stressing about a due date. 

I got married while I was still in school and I still had one more semester before graduation. Writing became a trusted friend, again, as I adjusted to being a wife in a new town all while being in that pre-graduation in-between place. 

Over the years since then, I have quite often gone back to writing as a place of comfort. Writing has always been a comfortable and cozy place. I feel the most alive here and the most fulfilled.

One would wonder, then, why didn’t I go after writing with a holy passion then?

For 20 years, I have been writing but I have never been a Writer.

There is power in a name, a title. Click To Tweet

I have been writing for years and years but I never allowed myself to be called “A Writer.”


  • I wasn’t a published writer.
  • I’ve never managed to launch a successful blog.
  • I had no following.
  • I had no tribe.
  • I had no voice.

 I told myself lies for way too long. Being a writer was impossible, right? I stopped writing for a long period of time.

Not writing took a toll on me so I started up again. I started writing 1000 words a day again. I wrote pages and pages and pages of content.

As I have been on this journey of healing, I am regaining my voice and I am opening my ears to hearing the truth. I remember hearing my husband say to me, “Sarah, you are a writer. So, go write!! THAT is what you are good at!”

I heard and I did not deflect. I let it sink it.

And then, I said it…. “I AM a Writer.”

Those four words have set me on an amazing trajectory that is the most exciting adventure I could ever imagine.


What I DO became WHO I AM. And that made all the difference. Click To Tweet

Now, I go after this writing with a holy passion like never before. Writing is the happiest part of my day. I do run this blog and I work on it a lot but that is just the business side of things. The real meat and potatoes of this whole thing is the writing. I LOVE IT. It is WHO I am.

My most favorite thing to do is to tell stories. I tell stories about other people and I tell stories about myself. Those who know me the best know that I love to say, “Let me tell you a story.” I love to tell stories that have a message to them. When I am trying to make a point about something it is most often in story form. And when I am trying to learn something it sticks in my brain when it is delivered to me in story form. Stories are MY VOICE. And THAT is why I am a WRITER.

I write MY STORY so that others can WRITE THEIR STORY. Click To Tweet

What about you? Is there something deep down inside of you that doesn’t have a name? Would giving it a name make it come alive in your life?

Trust me. If God is calling you to do something, give it a name, and then do it.




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How I Beat Uninspired Writing: 4 Steps

I do believe that the uninspired feeling is the thorn in my flesh. Some days the creative juices are just flowing and I can create awesome content. And then there are days when I can’t get the creative engine running. That uninspired feeling is so strong and every ounce of my being wants to just hang up the keyboard and not write that day. But, not writing is not an option.

A reality of this life is that being uninspired as a writer is going to happen. You can count on that. So, I have created an action plan to get me through those uninspired days.  I have four tools in my writing tool belt that help me a lot. 

Just start writing.

I said in the post about writing 1000 words a day that there are plenty of days when I have no idea what to write about. My brain is just running dry of ideas.  It would be incredibly easy to just skip that day in a dramatic huff but that is not an option. 

That is what I used to do and that’s why I never got anywhere with my writing. I allowed my success to be determined by my emotions. Wow! Isn’t that awesome?

 Now, I have time scheduled each day called BICW, “Butt in Chair Writing.” It is at that time that my butt is in the chair and I am writing. It does not matter if I am inspired or not. I have to write 1000 words before I get up.

There are plenty of days when I have to be ruthless with myself because it is on those days that I want to be a spoiled little brat and not write. So, during that scheduled block of time, I force myself to sit down and get my fingers moving.

For example, this particular post started out as pure rubbish because I did not want to write at this time. I had so much going on around me and I felt like I needed to get to those things over my writing. It is currently “BICW” time, so I am sitting here writing. Amazingly, a lot of my best 

work comes out writing sessions that started out as pure rubbish. I just have to force myself to sit down and start writing. Starting is the hardest part. 

I Don’t Take Myself So Seriously

More times than not the reason I am having a hard time feeling inspired is that I am thinking too hard. I am desperately trying to find the perfect topic to write about. I’m trying to find that perfect viral article. The truth is that I am putting myself on a pedestal.

If I stop taking myself so seriously and stop thinking so highly of myself then the words will flow. If I just drop the freakin’ ego then I can write.It is in that place of humility that I am able to write well. It is when I kneel and allow Jesus to stand and lead me by the hand that my passion and calling come to fruition.

Drop the ego. That’s when the inspiration comes. Click To Tweet

Take A Break

There are also times when the inspiration is running low because I am just too dang tired. I spin a lot of plates around here. Thankfully, I have gained more skill in the realm of time management to help me spin those plates in a more balanced way.  I have also reduced my schedule a good bit so that I can focus on the things that matter the most to me, such as writing.

When I do get out of the habit of good time management it’s then that I get tired and run down. And when I am run down I can’t write well.

It’s just like they say on airplanes. The parents need to give themselves oxygen first. You have to fill your tanks up first before you can help others.
If my tanks are not full then I can’t produce anything that could possibly help others.

So, when I am running ragged and uninspired, I take some time to rest. I take a nap, read a book, or increase my self-care a bit so as to fill my tanks up some more. When I feel taken care of the writing comes.

Finally, Open My Eyes

A lack of inspiration often comes from having tunnel vision.

Now, I do think it’s good to have tunnel vision for a time because it can help you hustle and get things done. Put the blinders on, focus, and get’ er done.

BUT, the blinders also mean that I can’t see all the inspiration that is all around me every single day. There is amazing inspiration everywhere: nature, conversations, articles I read, for example. It’s just that I  get so narrow-minded sometimes and just cease seeing the inspiration.

It is then I allow myself to breathe and start looking. I open my eyes to everything around me. Looking and listening is key. 

I become more aware and more present. The world opens up to me and the writing starts moving like crazy.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?  I could always use new ideas!!



Being uninspired happens. Here are four tools I use to beat uninspired writing.
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