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Invest In Yourself with Coaching

Do you remember graduating from school?

Were you like me and thought, “YES!!!  I am NEVER going back to school and I am NEVER going to read another non-fiction book AGAIN. It’s all novels from here on out”?

In all truth, I went for a long time without even opening up any books.

I was absolutely DONE with school, and books, and tests, and deadlines.

I had gone nonstop through school for about twenty years. That is preschool through a Masters Graduate Degree.

Little did I know that life is full of learning and tests and deadlines.  It just looks different.

And little did I know that it is the most successful people who never stop studying and learning.

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There came a time when I knew that there were some things that just weren’t working in my life. I needed help!!!

I went looking for that help. And what I found was that the people I want to be like are the ones who never stop learning. They never stop reading, nor do they ever stop seeking coaching.

I learned that the average Millionaire reads at least one non-fiction book a month and the average Billionaire reads double that or more.

I knew that the current path I was on wasn’t working and I needed to do something different.

What if I looked to the people I want to be like and do what they do?

And when I looked, I saw people who are avid readers and people who invest in themselves through coaching.

Simple, right? Yes, actually, it is.

The first step I took was that I committed to going back to my childhood prolific reading ways. I turned off the TV and started reading again. I started with novels to get the habit of reading warmed up and then I started going back and forth between fiction and non-fiction.

Reading has become a welcome reprieve in my day when it was once an assignment I resented.

Then I started going deeper into coaching.

I try to set aside one hour a day to learning and coaching.



Coaching can look like a number of things.

I often listen to audios or watch videos of my personal coach, Dani Johnson.  I have a number of courses and ebooks I am working through on writing and blogging. And I have a growing stack of leadership books I am working through.

It seems like a lot and, I guess, it is. But, one hour a day is doable.

 I’m worth it.  My future is worth it.

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Since I started doing this one simple task each day, the path I was on has changed and is now going in a much better direction.

Do YOU invest in yourself through reading and coaching? Do you want to get started?

If so, I have a present for you.

I have created a printable to make YOUR daily coaching sessions even better. Print it out, take notes, and make an action plan.

I know you have goals. Get to work and make them happen.

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September 2017 Monthly Blog Report

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. You can see more here.)


A very important aspect of this blog to me is authenticity and vulnerability. I believe that should include what it looks like to run a blog like this on a monthly basis. I will be sharing blog updates at the end of each month with details of what I did that month in regards to building the blog, hard numbers like page views, subscribers, and income, and what I have learned along the way.

This is the September 2017 Monthly Report but, in reality, it will cover more than just September.

I got the idea to start this blog about mid-summer. I think it was in July that my husband and I made the choice that I would put my attention to writing because that is where all my passions and talents lie. It was a tough choice because we knew that meant stepping away from some other endeavors I’d already started. You can read a bit more about this choice here. We knew that starting an online business would be a lot of tough work with minimal return in the beginning. We prayed over this decision for quite some time and felt God’s hand strongly on it.

I will confess that this is the most exciting and the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I am fully trusting God with my time, my money, and my talents and that is not a small feat. I am happy, though, because God makes it clear to me each day that I am on the right path even when it is hard and feels fruitless.

Soon after we made the choice for me to go in this direction, I signed up for two awesome blogging courses. In the past, I had the habit of taking on new things without seeking help from professionals. I have learned the hard way that it is the professionals who have coaches.  I don’t remember how I found Suzi at Start A Mom Blog but I am so very glad that I did.

I started by signing up for her Blog By Number eCourse and dived right in. And then I got an email about another awesome deal for her 9 Step Blog Plan Pre-Course and I dove right into that one too.

The 9 Step Blog Plan helped me do the more cerebral parts of starting a blog. I worked on my WHY for doing this. I worked on discovering my niche and developing a good blog title that goes along with that. I also worked on a preliminary marketing strategy and how I would like to monetize the blog in the future. I am so glad that stepped back from the Blog By Number course and jumped at taking advantage of the deal I heard about to do the 9 Step Blog Plan Class. This course really helped me add more laser beam focus to my giant ideas and vision.

As soon as I finished the 9 Step Blog Plan, I jumped back into the Blog By Number Course. While the 9 Step Blog Plan helped me get a grasp on the big picture, Blog by Number helped me wade through the technical parts of starting a blog. I so needed a step by step plan for getting this blog off the ground. I needed a checklist that told me what to when and I got that. This gave me a To-Do list for each day. Checking those boxes and seeing my site come together made me feel so accomplished at the end of the day.  Some things I already knew about and many parts of blogging were brand new to me. Thankfully, Suzi made all of this approachable and worth every penny I spent on the courses. I can’t wait to enroll in her EBook by Number Course in the future (*wink*).

I finished both courses in August and have since been focusing on creating content in the month of September. I didn’t want to launch a blog with minimal content. I wanted there to be plenty to chew on when I share with other people.

I have also been learning how to navigate social media. Ironically, I have wanted to step back more from social media lately and I have been a bit grizzled about having to engage MORE on social media. But, it is just a matter of changing HOW I use social media in the long run. I didn’t get as much done in this department for those reasons but it is what it is. October will be a good month to more traction there.

Even though my blog has been live for a couple months, I don’t officially “launch” until October 1. That is when I will tell family and friends about what I’ve been doing and go in full force in running and growing my new online venture.

I am nervous and excited about officially launching.  I don’t expect much fanfare. And that’s okay. My heart and ego long for a big fanfare. I just know that God entrusts us with little before He will entrust us with much. So, contentment in the little things is the name of the game. I am thankful for this blog is helping me learn that even more.

Now that you have the long story, here are September’s Highlights:

Since my blog has not officially been launched there are no hard numbers like page views, subscribers, etc. to share. I will start sharing that starting in October.

I am thrilled to share the life story of my little blog with you. Be sure to check back at the end of each month to learn how things are going, what I’m learning, and how I’m growing.



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