What would you say if I told you that there was ONE habit that could help you be more productive and change your entire week?

Would you want to hear about it? 

Awesome!!  Here it is. 

Take a Day of Rest

It has been about a year since we have implemented a day of rest in our household. We’ve always known about the fourth commandment that

We’ve always known about the fourth commandment that said: “Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep it Holy.” It was easy to talk about how God worked for six days and rested for one when discussing the creation of the world. 

But, we failed to make the connection between head knowledge and action until about a year ago. It hit us that, basically, if it’s good for God to work six days and rest one day then we should too. 

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Now we take a full twenty-four hours of rest each and every week. Here’s how it usually goes down. 

It is FRIDAY!!  And that means the Sabbath is coming. That means a day of rest, family, friends, and release is rapidly coming. I have a lot to do today but the stress is low. Why? Because no matter what happens today the sun will still set and the Sabbath will start. I will exhale this whole week and I will inhale God’s rest. I will pause, thank God for his wisdom and provision, and then settle into 24 hours of rest.

The computer is turned off and so will my mind.  Rest will be the name of the game.

I will make pizza like I do every Friday. I will shower to wash off the sweat from my last workout of the week and put on my pajamas. The family will gather at the table, take hands, and pray. We will thank God for the previous week and thank Him for the gift of the Sabbath.

Then Caleb will light the Sabbath candle that will burn till the end of the Sabbath Saturday night.  We will settle in together on the couch for pizza and a movie as a family.  

On the Sabbath, I am not as intentional with my food and I just enjoy all the goodness around me.  The movie will be fun, family fare. Once the movie is done we usually shift into a bit of “introverting together.” Caleb will play some computer game while Chris does the same. I will probably shift to the bed and read until my eyes can’t stay open.

The dog, Eowyn,  will cuddle with me on the bed. The really cool thing is that even Eowyn senses the shift on Sabbath. She puts out a big sigh and settles in. She looks the most relaxed this time of the week. Even though she is old and sleeps most of the week there is a change on the Sabbath. She is just more relaxed. 

We wake up on Saturday, not because of an alarm, but because of the light of morning. It feels so amazing to sleep until our bodies want to wake up. Chris and I linger in bed as we talk and watch cute videos. Caleb jumps in the bed and is quickly followed by Eowyn because Caleb opened her door as he walked over. Eowyn showers everyone with kisses and cuddles.

Saturday morning is usually pretty quiet and I rarely get out of my pajamas till after lunch.  Sometimes we spend time with friends and sometimes we don’t. We do usually leave the house for some kind of activity. 

Saturday night, most weeks is Chris and me watching a movie together after Caleb goes to bed. 

You could argue that our Sabbath lasts longer than 24 hours because we do go to church on Sunday. We usually get home around noon. We eat lunch and then get to work. Sabbath is now over.  Sunday is now a work day. 

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 Jesus and His amazing Grace settled the HAVE TO. This is a pleasure for us. 

It was hard at first to make the transition to not working for a full day. The thought of basically dropping and entire work day seemed impossible.   This was was an act of obedience.

I am happy to report that our productivity has gone up 200% since we instituted the habit of observing a Day of Rest. It took faith to trust we’d get it all done but now we see that we do get it all done, plus more. 

What will you do for a day of rest? Leave a comment and let me know!!



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