3 Reasons To Do What Absolutely Scares You

Is there something that you want to do that absolutely scares you?

Trust me, I understand.

I uncovered this post from almost two years ago when I was just starting to learn how to swim.  What I learned then is just as good now. 

I confess I am not the best person to talk about doing new things. My family and friends tease me about how much I resist change. One might even say I am “a stick in the mud.” I like things to stay the same. The same is comfortable and cozy.

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I know that very well. It dwells there in my mind all the time and yet I resist with all my might.

Recently, I have been growing bored in my workouts. Running and weight lifting just haven’t been holding my interest. I can’t really explain why except maybe I just need a change. But, what? What exactly could I do to keep up the level of movement that I so desperately desire? I live in a big city now and of course, that means tons of options. I have looked and considered and come to find out that what I needed the most has been right there in front of me.

Guess what my local gym has?

An indoor lap pool.

I do know how to swim. I can stay afloat in the water and not drown. I took swimming lessons as a kid but I never progressed to learning the most recognized strokes. For that reason, I have always lacked confidence in swimming. Combine that with a 20+ year history of avoiding swimsuits due to my poor body image and you have an anxiety-laden activity.

Here’s the funny thing. Over the last few months, I have been known to stare at the pool as I was walking up to the weight room. Something in me pulled me towards that pool. I was enticed and yet repelled.

Being serious about swimming meant facing a whole lot of demons and doing something that scares the bits out of me.

Fast forward and I am happy to say that I am in that pool several times a week complete with a nice swimsuit, swim cap, and goggles. I am slowly but surely facing those demons and doing what scares me.

What about you? When was the last time you did something that scares you? Has it been awhile?

Here are three reasons to do what absolutely scares you in case you need a little push.

1. Humility 

Learning to swim properly has been a big ‘ole slice of humble pie served up warm and a la mode. I have had to go all the way back to the start. I am spending all my swimming workouts doing various drills just so I can relearn how to be comfortable in the water again, how to breathe properly, and how to glide through the water without sinking like an anvil. It is tough because there are days that I get so bored doing these drills over and over again. I look one lane over at the kid half my age or some other adult gliding seamlessly through the water and doing flip turns over and over again all the while I am in my lane focusing on floating on my back, not sinking or inhaling water.

Often I get frustrated because I so want to be that fish-like, flip-turning swimmer. I want the confidence in the water that I have in the weight room or the road. But, I know that I can’t get there by skipping crucial steps. Did I walk into the weight room and dead-lift 225 for reps my first day? Not even close. On my first day, I was holding onto my husband’s arm as we slowly made our way from one machine to the next. I was scared then too.

 And then slowly over time, and on a constant diet of humble pie, I was able to walk in there like a boss and dead-lift 225 for reps. It took being willing to admit that I really don’t know anything about this stuff. It meant being coachable and taking it one step at a time.

Being humble means admitting that you need help. Click To Tweet

Being humble means saying, “Hey! I know nothing but I want to learn. Could you help me?”

I am still working on those drills several times a week. I have a goal in mind of doing an open water swim. I don’t know how long it will take. I will do these drills for however long I have to build the foundation I need. It will happen. I just have to be humble and patient.

Update: I have done that 1-mile open water swim and it was pretty awesome. Blog post to come.

2. Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Quite honestly, staying in your comfort zone is rather boring. Don’t you think so too?

But, your comfort zone is comfy and cozy. It is safe and cloistered.

The sad thing is that personal development does not happen in the comfort zone. It can’t. Like I said above you have to be humble enough to admit you need to mold into something new but for that happen you have to actually go to the fire or wheel for that molding to occur. You have to admit your need for help and then step out of your comfort zone to make that happen.

I will be honest and say that swimming scares me. I am not so much scared of the water but I am scared of doing something that requires so much humility. And then throw in the crazy notion of swimming in a big body of water where I can’t touch the bottom. It scares me. But, I KNOW I will be a completely different person when I finally achieve that goal. I will have been humble and been willing to be forged that fire. It will be awesome.

3. Growth, Empowerment, and Confidence

WOW!  Think about how you will feel when you have achieved that thing that scared you for so long. Take a moment and think about it nice and long.

When I think about how I will feel when I have swum well in that pool and ultimately, in that open water I see myself feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof. I will stand tall. I will be confident and empowered. I did what I thought was impossible. Those demons did not hold me back. I stared them in the face and I got ‘er done.

You achieved something awesome! Now take that growth, empowerment, and confidence to do something even bigger. Don’t waste all the good that comes from facing a fear and coming out on the other end.  Seriously, we can change lives when we don’t squander all that goodness.

You’ve heard about my journey to learn how to swim. Now, I want to hear about what YOU are going to do that scares you now. SOUND OFF in the comments. 🙂




How learning to swim taught me 3 reasons I should do what absolutely scares me.


How learning to swim taught me 3 reasons I should do what absolutely scares me.
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Using the FIVE WHYS to Accomplish Anything

When you are starting down the road of health and fitness or a new business venture, it can be so easy to be motivated and inspired. It is easy to get up in the morning and get to work whether it is writing, prospecting, prepping food, or getting to the gym. 

But, we all know full well that the day will come, and it WILL come when life gets in the way. What will you do when life is hard and the motivation is waning?

It is then that it is so important to know your WHY.

What is your WHY?

Your WHY is the reason that you are starting this journey. It is the deep down reason that stirs within your soul. I like to ask people, “What is the WHY that makes you CRY?”

Did you doctor say you are one heart attack away from the grave?

Do you want to improve your health so you can expand your little family?

Do you want to be home more with your growing-too-fast kids?

Do you want to grow old with your soul mate?

Or do you just want to feel better in body and mind?

Whatever the case is for YOU, there is a process you can follow to help you find your WHY.

It is called the ‘5 Why’s.’

This is a very simple but very effective exercise for getting to the root of WHY you want something.

When you want to accomplish something (or if something goes wrong), you ask one why.

Why do I want to accomplish this?

Write down your answer to the first question in your journal. 

Then ask yourself WHY again? 

And so on, five times.

Here’s an example from a past journal entry of my own: 

Why am I on this journey?
I want to lose fat.

Why do I want to lose fat?
Because I want to fit into a smaller size of pants.

Why do I want to fit into a smaller size of pants?
Because when I’m wearing smaller pants, I think I’ll look better.

But why do I want to look better?
Because when I look good, I feel good about myself.

But why do I want to feel good about myself?
Because when I feel good about myself, I am a better Mom and Wife.

But why do I want to be a better Mom and Wife?
Because when son and husband are my world and they deserve so much more than a depressed Mom and Wife who just wants to stay in bed all day.

See how that works? Once you have found the most important reason, your WHY, for doing something you will have it on the days when you need to be reminded so you can keep going.

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Once you have found the most important reason, your WHY, for doing something you will have it on the days when you need to be reminded so you can keep going.

Knowing where you want to go — and being able to see it clearly — can help you get there better and faster.

What are your Five Whys??



Using the Five Whys method to help you get to the root reason for doing anything worth doing.
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How I Made Bullet Journaling FINALLY Work for Me

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.)

I am an aspiring planner. 

I love to look at all the pretty planers and dream of how I will one day have my life all pretty and organized in those lovely pages. I love to look at all the different methods of planning, from Erin Condren to Happy Planner to Bullet Journaling . I have dreamed about using just about every method.

Every time I buy a planner I think that this is the one. THIS is the one that will get me totally organized once and for all.  Everything is flowing just right because I have it all under control thanks to my new found, this is the one, planner.

And then, about a few weeks later, I start to not use all the spots in the planner. I may even skip a few days because I don’t want to take the time to fill out the planner.

I also start to feel squeezed or constricted by my planner.  There is no perfect planner for me. It DOES NOT exist. There is not a spot for everything I want to keep a record on. And if I try to create my own spots for all this extra stuff then the pretty planner does not look pretty anymore.

My perfectionism kicks in way too hard in the world of planning. My dreams of planning do not allow for the realities of life. Either I am a planning diva or I am a planning drop out. There is no in between.

Then BULLET JOURNALING came into my life

What was this new fangled way of planning that utilized a pretty, EMPTY notebook and all kinds of pretty, colorful pens?  I got to jump on this bandwagon. 

I started to research bullet journaling. I pinned everything on Pinterest.  I followed BUJO (cool name for bullet journaling) accounts on Instagram.

Then it all started all over again. I hated the official method of bullet journaling. It was too stiff and hard to learn for me. I’m sure it works great for others. I’m hard to please, I guess.

Then I looked to all the artistic bullet journalers. Goodness, for a girl who can barely draw a stick figure, that was a HUGE mistake. The feelings of inadequacy crept in pretty quick.  The pretty, not too cheap, notebooks that I bought trying to BUJO sat in a pile on my desk, abandoned and forgotten. 

And then one day…

I thought, “Sarah, what if you did bullet journaling in your OWN way?!  It could be Sarah Journaling.” WHAT?!  You mean I could create my own way of doing things and make it work perfectly FOR ME?!  What is this nonsense you speak of?

It was then that I started creating pages for the things that mattered to me the most and not worrying about anything else. I didn’t worry about any pages or slots that other people thought were important.  All that extra stuff made me twitchy.

Here’s the cool thing. I am becoming that planning diva I’ve always aspired to be. I rock my planner now and I get things done. I record the things that matter to me. I track the things that matter to me. No more, no less.

And it works for me.

It’s funny that I had to let go of organization rules in order to become my best organized self. Click To Tweet

Here’s a peek at MY favorite spreads. The cool thing is that these awesome spreads pair up exactly with my 7 Secrets To A Successful Morning ebook. Go check it out!!


This is where I set out to make a list of what I want to get done that week. I usually do this page on Sunday. 


This is where I log all my To-Do Items that must be done that particular day. Most of these items are migrated from the weekly to the Daily. 


This is whatever Scripture sticks out to me that particular day. 


Gratitude & Sprouts (Wins)

I try to record 3 things I am grateful for and 3 Sprouts or Wins every day. Doing this really helps me keep a good perspective.

These are my main spreads that I use from week to week. Sometimes I add extra pages for other things I want to record such as future blog ideas or writing topics.

Overall, this is very simple and it works perfectly for me.

What about you?  Do you Bullet Journal? What kind of planning do you LOVE?




How I made the hip and popular bullet journaling planning method work for me.
How I made the hip and popular bullet journaling planning method work for me.
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Breaking Free of Perfectionism

There is something kind of evil about perfectionism. Maybe the word “evil” is a bit extreme but I think it still fits to some extent.

The reason I say evil is because perfectionism is downright crippling and paralyzing.

I think back to the number of times that I have wanted to do something but I never got anything off the ground because I was stuck in it being perfect. 

This blog is a perfect example. It is an exercise in getting out of perfectionism.

I believe that is the main reason God told me to start this blog among many other reasons. 

It comes down to God is calling me out of my old life and you being invited along for the ride. Click To Tweet

I think perfectionism has a root in Fear of Man or People Pleasing. How easy is it to go looking around at the plethora of blogs out there? I can see all the professional blogs that look insane and amazing with one click of the mouse.

Then I look at my blog. Yeah. It’s not up to that caliber…yet. 

That’s pretty clear. I compare and compare. My blog never matches up in my mind. Then I don’t want to launch this blog because it doesn’t look perfect. The writing isn’t perfect. The offerings are not perfect. Nothing is perfect. And Lord knows, the writer is not perfect.

So, I dawdle and twiddle my thumbs and fill time up doing pointless tasks that don’t actually get this website launched. I am afraid of putting this out there because it isn’t perfect. And who in the world wants to read it? There are tons of other writers who are more “perfect” than me, right? 

Here’s the cool thing.

I see this perfectionism in me.

I know it’s there. In many ways, I am not a perfectionist. For example, my house is not perfect nor do I pursue perfect in my house. 

This blog is completely different. God has put a dream and a vision in my heart. It is strange but there is something in me that says people might actually want to read my words and join me on this journey of healing and victory. 

And that scares the poop out of me. This is where perfectionism comes in. The Fear of Man or People Pleasing drowns out the words of my Father. I focus on what I think everyone will say and think and I combat those voices by trying to make everything absolutely perfect. I find my definition of perfect by looking at other people and other blogs. It is crippling and paralyzing. I get nothing done. 

How did I combat this? 

I have to admit that something has to be done no matter what. 

I have to follow Nike and Just Do It.

Accept the imperfections. God is glorified in our weakness and willingness to follow Him. Click To Tweet

I know that this is not perfect. My biggest accomplishment is getting it done and I am proud of that. I am proud of putting my heart out in front of people. I  am pushing past my perfectionism and my fear of man and I am putting my whole self on the line. 

Thank you for joining me on this awesome adventure!!! I am sharing my whole self with the world. While it is scary as poo I pray God uses this journey to help others on their own journeys.



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