Scripture Copying Challenge Recap

It is hard to believe that I am at the end of my first 30-day challenge in my year of 30-day challenges. When I started, I thought that the hardest part of this journey was going to be just starting.

Writing a chapter of Scripture a day has been a wonderful and challenging experience. I found a groove that worked well for me. I put a bunch of college-ruled paper on a clipboard and kept it on my desk at all times.  The YouVersion Bible website stayed open on one of my monitors. (I have a laptop on a stand and connected to a bigger screen so that I don’t have to squint quite so much when I’m working at my desk.) This arrangement allowed for me to easily come to my scripture copying whenever I wanted. 

I think it goes without saying that finishing the write a chapter of scripture a day challenge was not a perfect finish. I did miss some days.  At first, it bothered me and then I reminded myself how I said to give yourself grace in this challenge. It was okay. The beauty of having my paper and pen ready all the time is that I can always return to it whenever I want to.


Lessons Learned From Scripture Copying Challenge

The most unpleasant thing that came from the first challenge is when I realized on some days that I hadn’t even started writing Scripture until the afternoon. My first thought was almost always, “Darn! I haven’t started yet. And I still have so much left to do today!!” I kid you not. I’m not proud of it. When I had these thoughts I would force myself to stop and consider why I was having those thoughts.

And then I would remind myself that time spent in the Word is ALWAYS worth it no matter how busy I may feel. And then I would put everything else that needed attention aside and copied Scripture. It was tough. Sometimes I felt like a spoiled, entitled child. “But, I don’t waaaannnnnaaaaaa……!” I saw some of the ugly in me and that is what God wanted me to see. I am so grateful for His grace and forgiveness.

Where will I go from here with this challenge? I have learned that I do love copying Scripture by hand. I have even had visions of writing the entire Bible out by hand. But, I have also learned that I need a much more manageable pace. I will continue to keep my clipboard on the desk and write down verses as I have this whole month. I will take it one chapter, one book, at a time. There won’t be a number of verses per day goal but a goal to write something each day. Creating a solid habit of writing Scripture out by hand has proven extremely beneficial for me. I love how it slows me down and it grounds me in this crazy life, even when I don’t catch every word I write down.

Have you been doing a Scripture Writing challenge? If so, comment and let me know how it has been going.

It is Month 2 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges. This month is the BE SEEN Challenge. It is all about moving out from behind the keyboard and in front of the camera. To BE SEEN.

It’s time for Challenge Number Two!

Just as a reminder, here a few of the criteria for choosing each 30-day challenge.

The challenge must:

  • Address an area of my life that I know could use major improvement but I’m either too lazy or too scared to work on it.
  • Force me to dig deep in mind and soul to finish it.
  • Be something new or it can be something I’ve attempted many times before with little to no success.
  • Require that I drop the ego, be humble, and be teachable in order to gain every bit of goodness and insight out of it.

I knew I chose a good challenge that fit the above criteria when I noticed how I was horribly procrastinating writing this post. It has been epic procrastinating. It seemed like EVERTHING was way Important than writing this post. I would tell myself, “Tomorrow. I will write it tomorrow.” Yeah, okay. Tomorrow never comes.  I am really, REALLY good at giving myself excuses.

A few days ago, I found myself justifying not writing, and committing to, this post and I forced myself to stop and question my reasoning. I knew I was afraid to write this because I was afraid of the actual challenge.  And for that reason, I KNEW that this has to be my next challenge. 

So, what’s the second 30-Day Challenge in the Year of 30-Day Challenges?

Never underestimate the power of being seen. ~Brené Brown Click To Tweet

It is…

The BE SEEN Challenge!

The reason:

Here’s the thing. As much as I love to write and have my words read I really do not like being on camera. I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken nor do I like being filmed. I confess I am the mom who is always the one who takes the photos but tries to bow out when someone else tells me to get in the picture. If I see someone filming I will go hide in a corner.

I guess you could say I like to hide behind my keyboard and computer screen. 

For most of my childhood, I was called “shy.” That was said about me and to me. And those are words I took as truth and I internalized them. For that reason, I struggled in social situations.

 Words have power. Words that are said to us can become who we are if we let them. Not knowing better I did indeed become what was said to me. It wasn’t just that I am shy. Words such as “ugly, “not worthy,” “dumb,” etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. For all those reasons I have avoided being seen.

That needs to stop.

I am worthy of being seen.

I am worthy of being known.

So, here’s the challenge I am giving myself for Month Two of the Year of 30-Day Challenges.


The BE SEEN Challenge Details

  • I plan to go LIVE on my FB page every day, Monday – Friday, for the 30-day challenge.
  • I will take the weekends OFF to recuperate. That is unless I have something special I want to say.
  • I’m not really sure what I’m going to say. It will probably be whatever is on my heart that particular day.
  • I am not sure about specific times of day that I will go LIVE but I will most likely do a small post alerting everyone.
  • This challenge is all about pushing through the barriers I have for actually being SEEN and not just read.

I welcome anyone and everyone to join me in this challenge!!!

You can choose to go LIVE on your FB page, personal profile, Instagram, etc. If that is too much then maybe consider taking a selfie each day and posting it. (You could use the hashtag #beseen). And if being seen on social media is too much where you are right now, and that’s okay, then maybe take a picture and send it to a friend or even me!! You choose!!!

Let me know if you want to do this with me!! I’d love to have some company!!

The BE SEEN challenge is all about, well, being seen.

Why be seen? Because you are WORTHY of being seen. You, and I, matter!!!!

I also need to be reminded of this sometimes and that is why I’m doing the BE SEEN challenge.


The Challenge Starts September 4th!!!!!





It is Month 2 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges. This month is the BE SEEN Challenge. It is all about moving out from behind the keyboard and in front of the camera. To BE SEEN.


It is Month 2 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges. This month is the BE SEEN Challenge. It is all about moving out from behind the keyboard and in front of the camera. To BE SEEN.
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