What does it really take to run a successful blog? There is a ton of things that come into play but it all boils down to one thing: Habits

Looking out into the blogging world I see a wide range of blogs.

I see blogs that were started and forgotten a long time ago and blogs that run in fits and starts with a good bit of apologizing from the blogger saying life got in the way. I see blogs that are steady and run well in the background but not necessarily considered big and then I see blogs that obviously carry a large readership and with that a nice income for the blogger.

When I was starting this blog I asked myself where I ultimately wanted to go with this creation of mine.

Did I want to start it and then eventually let it die like the three other blogs I’ve started in the past? Did I want to have space for my thoughts with no goal for readership or income? Or, did I want to build a blog and ultimately, a business?

I concluded that the last thing I wanted was for another blog to become victim to the internet cobwebs. Yes, I wanted to build a blog and a business and I wanted to build a platform for my writing. Writing is my happy place and the dream of my heart.

So, I want to build a blog, a business, and a platform? How am I going to do that?

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I looked around and studied the bigger and successful blogs that are similar in niche to my own. I looked into what those bloggers and writers did that I was not.


I read countless articles on productivity, mindset, and daily living of these successful bloggers. While each one is as different as their blogs I see that each and every one has habits in place that are rock solid.

Looking back to my previous blogs I can see that there were absolutely no habits whatsoever in place. I lived in the misconception that I could run my blog purely on inspiration and I was never writing on a consistent basis. I became the blogger who would go months or even a year between posts and I would start the new post with “Hey everyone! I’m so sorry it has been X months since I last wrote. Life has been so crazy lately.”

I got so frustrated with my blogs and then I got frustrated with my writing. How in the world were these people managing to be successful when I couldn’t get anything right? What was I missing?

A Successful Blog is Built on Habits and those habits are developed consistently over time.

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You can do a simple search and learn what habits other bloggers are building their blogs on. I invite you to do that and be inspired.

Here is a peek into my habits on which I am building my blog.

What does it really take to run a successful blog? There is a ton of things that come into play but it all boils down to one thing: Habits

Daily Writing

I write every day for at least an hour or until I have written at least 1000 words. This is non-negotiable. This is not based on inspiration or motivation. Writing will be done every day with the exception of our Sabbath/ Family Day

My daily writing consists of a combination of personal journaling and material for the blog. I write in one monthly Word Document so the personal journaling and blog material blend together. I find that often times personal journaling turns into good material for the blog and I pull my posts from there.

The key here, though, is that I am writing every single day and that provides ample material. Rarely do I groan because I have nothing to post on the blog. Why? Because it has already been written through the daily habit of writing.

Time Management

I block off time for certain tasks throughout the day. And I am strict with those time slots. IF I am not done with a task when my time is up I still move on to the next task and make a note of where I left off. I will take care of the previous task tomorrow.

For example, I allow for one hour to be spent on social media engagement. I do this to prevent me from going down all the bunny trails social media creates. In the past, it was not uncommon for me to spend three or more hours on social media marketing of my blog because I was allowing myself to be distracted.

I set a timer and because I know that time is ticking I am focused and I get it done. The awesome thing is that I find that my quality of engagement is higher when I am strict with my time.

There are time slots for blog tasks, house tasks, family tasks, and self-care (exercise, etc.)

If I am loose on the time management everything blends into everything else and ultimately nothing actually gets done.I am able to get far more done and allow for more space in my brain for creativity.


I set aside time each week for continuing education.

How in the world could I ever expect my blog or writing to improve and grow if I did not set aside time to learn more?

This education can be reading ebooks, leadership books, going through blogging e-courses, or watching webinars or videos.

Just like everything I mentioned above, my education time is an appointment in my calendar. I keep that appointment like I would a doctor’s appointment. It is that important.

Here is a key point. While I am educating myself I am also making a point to implement what I am learning. IT’s one thing to absorb information. It’s another thing to absorb information and then do something with it.

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Keeping Systems

It has taken me some time to create my own systems but it has happened and I am so thankful.

In time past I would be rather willy nilly about how I created posts for my blog. Because I had nothing concrete to follow it was way too easy to forget things. This lack of organization really affected the quality of the whole blog experience.

I learned that successful bloggers run their blogs like a business and running a good business means having systems in place.

I have chosen create my systems in Trello. Within Trello I have created checklists with everything that needs to be done each day and each week to keep the blog running smoothly. For example, I have checklists for each blog post and I don’t hit Schedule until every item in that list has been checked. The checklists are my accountability.

This system keeps me on top of things and I don’t forget anything. And since I am often working on more than one post at a time I know exactly what needs to be done for each one before it goes live.


One thing that makes blogging or writing unattractive is how all-consuming it can be. If you are not mindful of yourself blogging can completely take over your life to the point that you are working on it or at least thinking about it all day and all night.

While it is hard to figure out sometimes, boundaries are so important in a work-from-home gig like blogging. There are no natural boundaries in place because you live in the same space as your work.

These boundaries keep my work in its proper place so that I can be fully me.

If I allow blogging to take over my life then the very essence of my writing is lost and so is my effectiveness. Keep Boundaries. Click To Tweet

When the block for family time arrives, there is a hard stop on blogging and writing. The family is always the first priority. Blogging can wait if needed.

Keeping these boundaries also allows me to focus on my two favorite types of self-care: Reading and Running. If I can’t read or go for a run several times a week then slowly die on the inside and lose all productivity. It is for the best for my family, my blog and writing, and myself to keep good boundaries and maintain a great work-life balance.

What kind of habits do you have in place to help your blog be successful?



What does it really take to run a successful blog? There is a ton of things that come into play but it all boils down to one thing: Habits

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  1. Very good post – Pinning! A healthy reminder. Yes – I should use Trello in that way. For now I’ve set it up for Inspiration and Ideas/ Completed posts etc. Need to work it more for me to help with time blocking. Thanks!

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