Welcome to Freedom is Hers!!

I am so glad that you came to share this space with me. I wish we could go to an artsy coffee shop and talk for a good long time. Drinking coffee with people and sharing our souls with each other are two of my most favorite things

Since it may not be possible to share a good cup of coffee with you this side of Heaven, let me share with you the purpose and vision of Freedom Is Hers.

Not too long ago, I found myself to be an almost 40-year-old Wife and Homeschooling Mom who had absolutely no vision or purpose for her life. I basically tripped through life.

Yes, I loved my husband with reckless abandon and I gave of myself to ensure my wonderful son was educated well and grew in wisdom and stature. There was nothing left of me after all of that and I felt empty and unfulfilled. While I tried to put on a happy face for all those who depended on me they knew I was becoming more and more of a shell. The essence of Sarah was disappearing and quickly.

I tried to fight the path I was on by going from one project to the next. Some of these projects were big and some were really big. A lot of money was spent. I tried to buy happiness and purpose. There was a wide range of projects and careers that I pursued and the one thing that they all had in common was that I quit all of them. And with each instance of quitting the sense of failure grew and my shell, my protective wall, grew thicker.

I was miserable and so was my family. We all longed for Sarah, as God created her to be, to come back. We all knew there was a flame inside of her that had been hidden and buried for so many years. It was time to bring that flame back out.

So, I went on a journey to figure out how to uncover that flame so that I could be my true and authentic self. It was time to live with purpose and vision and reckless abandon.

As I have been on this journey (and still going) I have grown a burden for other women who are in the same situation as I was.

I see so many women who long to do amazing, world-changing things. Their souls ache to reach outside of themselves and help those who need it the most. It’s just that there are self-defeating tendencies that keep them from reaching out. And that leaves these beautiful ladies with souls surrounded by thick walls that just keep getting thicker.

There came a point when I said, “NO MORE!” 

It is time for my fellow world-changers and me to find the freedom that is available to us and then use it to freakin’ change the world.

It is time to live with purpose.

It is time to live with vision.

THAT is what Freedom is Hers is all about.

Let’s do this together. *heart*