How To Be More Productive With This One Habit

What would you say if I told you that there was ONE habit that could help you be more productive and change your entire week?

Would you want to hear about it? 

Awesome!!  Here it is. 

Take a Day of Rest

It has been about a year since we have implemented a day of rest in our household. We’ve always known about the fourth commandment that

We’ve always known about the fourth commandment that said: “Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep it Holy.” It was easy to talk about how God worked for six days and rested for one when discussing the creation of the world. 

But, we failed to make the connection between head knowledge and action until about a year ago. It hit us that, basically, if it’s good for God to work six days and rest one day then we should too. 

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Now we take a full twenty-four hours of rest each and every week. Here’s how it usually goes down. 

It is FRIDAY!!  And that means the Sabbath is coming. That means a day of rest, family, friends, and release is rapidly coming. I have a lot to do today but the stress is low. Why? Because no matter what happens today the sun will still set and the Sabbath will start. I will exhale this whole week and I will inhale God’s rest. I will pause, thank God for his wisdom and provision, and then settle into 24 hours of rest.

The computer is turned off and so will my mind.  Rest will be the name of the game.

I will make pizza like I do every Friday. I will shower to wash off the sweat from my last workout of the week and put on my pajamas. The family will gather at the table, take hands, and pray. We will thank God for the previous week and thank Him for the gift of the Sabbath.

Then Caleb will light the Sabbath candle that will burn till the end of the Sabbath Saturday night.  We will settle in together on the couch for pizza and a movie as a family.  

On the Sabbath, I am not as intentional with my food and I just enjoy all the goodness around me.  The movie will be fun, family fare. Once the movie is done we usually shift into a bit of “introverting together.” Caleb will play some computer game while Chris does the same. I will probably shift to the bed and read until my eyes can’t stay open.

The dog, Eowyn,  will cuddle with me on the bed. The really cool thing is that even Eowyn senses the shift on Sabbath. She puts out a big sigh and settles in. She looks the most relaxed this time of the week. Even though she is old and sleeps most of the week there is a change on the Sabbath. She is just more relaxed. 

We wake up on Saturday, not because of an alarm, but because of the light of morning. It feels so amazing to sleep until our bodies want to wake up. Chris and I linger in bed as we talk and watch cute videos. Caleb jumps in the bed and is quickly followed by Eowyn because Caleb opened her door as he walked over. Eowyn showers everyone with kisses and cuddles.

Saturday morning is usually pretty quiet and I rarely get out of my pajamas till after lunch.  Sometimes we spend time with friends and sometimes we don’t. We do usually leave the house for some kind of activity. 

Saturday night, most weeks is Chris and me watching a movie together after Caleb goes to bed. 

You could argue that our Sabbath lasts longer than 24 hours because we do go to church on Sunday. We usually get home around noon. We eat lunch and then get to work. Sabbath is now over.  Sunday is now a work day. 

Remember: A Day of Rest is a GET TO habit, not a HAVE TO habit. Click To Tweet

 Jesus and His amazing Grace settled the HAVE TO. This is a pleasure for us. 

It was hard at first to make the transition to not working for a full day. The thought of basically dropping and entire work day seemed impossible.   This was was an act of obedience.

I am happy to report that our productivity has gone up 200% since we instituted the habit of observing a Day of Rest. It took faith to trust we’d get it all done but now we see that we do get it all done, plus more. 

What will you do for a day of rest? Leave a comment and let me know!!



How A Few Words Changed An Entire Shopping Trip


On Saturday, my husband and son took off for a guy’s day trip for most of the day. That left me with a morning all to myself which is a rare occurrence. I chose to relax for the first half of the morning and then go clothes shopping. I had some credit at a local consignment shop that I wanted to use so off I went.

Here’s the thing about clothes shopping and me. I really dislike shopping in general. But, clothes shopping has always been the absolute worst. There have been many shopping trips when I drove home with nothing and in tears. I hardly ever shopped because it took a long time to emotionally heal from the last trip.

You see, I have hated my body for a very long time. I have covered it with frumpy clothes for the same amount of time. I wanted to hide behind all my clothes. It didn’t matter if I was fit and active or not. The disdain for my body was still there.

In recent months, I have been on a pretty awesome journey of healing. I have been processing why I felt such hatred for my body for so long. In a nut shell, it comes down to a past abusive relationship that left me feeling useless, worthless, and ugly. My path of healing will be a post or a series of posts in the future.

As I am continuing to heal I am also learning to love and nurture my body. I am learning how to dress in a way that is not a shameful cover. And I am learning how to dress in a way that fits my personality.

Okay, back to Saturday. It was time to drive to the consignment store. I was actually excited about it. This was totally new. Fall is starting to whisper to us just a little bit and I couldn’t wait to find a new pair of jeans and some cute tops. It was going to be a good time. I was determined.

But, then when I pulled into my parking spot at the store and I felt the same ‘ole tightness in my chest I always felt before shopping. That tightness that told me that shopping was pointless and I might as well just go back home and put my sweats on. I was on the verge of tears….again.

And then everything changed…

I stopped.

Took a deep breath.

Closed my eyes.

Then said, “Sarah. You are a Daughter of the King. He made you beautiful. He gave you a Purpose. It is time to walk into that Destiny. Don’t cover what He calls Good. Go in there and Adorn HIS Creation.”

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Y’all, it was like a light switched on.

I got out of the car and marched into that store with a purpose and a mission. 

Instead of walking in there already defeated, I walked in there ready to take on the challenge. I was determined to find at least one outfit that I loved, looked good in, challenged my usual style, and reflected me. This was going to be an adventure.

It took a lot of trips to the dressing room but I ended up buying a much-needed gym shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, a cute t-shirt, and a pair of cute shoes with a cute pop of color.

I didn’t get a whole new wardrobe on Saturday. It was one outfit. I think this was one of the most successful shopping trips ever because the power of words turned body hatred anxiety into confidence and purpose in my clothing.

I am already planning a shopping trip for next month so I can replace a few more pieces in my wardrobe.

The power of words is astounding. A horrible situation was turned on a dime by feeding myself positive, life-giving words. And then I CHOSE to believe the words I said to myself.

Defeat was turned into Victory.

Do you love shopping? Or, is shopping hard for you? 

What can you say to yourself to make that shopping trip awesome?



What To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed: 6 Steps

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Do you ever have those moments when it just feels like the world is crashing in on you? You have so much going on. The To-Do list is never-ending and there is just not enough time in the day. There doesn’t seem to be a chance for rest anytime soon. Your head pounds and your chest feels like there’s an elephant snoozing on it. What’s a girl to do when she is so overwhelmed that the world feels like it is crashing in?

I have a few tools for your toolbox I’d like to share with you.


Pray & Meditate


I think this one may be obvious. But, I’m not so sure that it really is obvious in the moment of feeling overwhelmed. You see when I am feeling really overwhelmed it takes everything I’ve got to not fall apart and have a complete breakdown. I have to remind myself to pause and reset.

So, here’s your reminder that when feeling overwhelmed take a moment to reset.

Sit down.

Take a deep breath.

Ask Jesus to come sit with you and breathe in His calm and comfort.

Talk about what’s going on that is making your life so hard.

Answers and solutions are not necessary at this point.

Just be.

Feel all the feels and let Jesus just hold you. Click To Tweet

When I feel overwhelmed the most important thing that I do is I do exactly what I just wrote. I sit down, take a deep breath, and ask Jesus to come sit with me. Sometimes I ask Him to hold me. I don’t ask for answers. Just knowing He is with me is enough to calm my racing heart and to give me the push to get up and do the next thing.

This does not fix the never-ending To-Do list but it reorients my heart and mind to where I am in the place that I can attack that list with focus instead of panic.




I cannot emphasize enough the importance of exercise when you are overwhelmed.

I know, taking the time to exercise when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done seems crazy and impossible.

Exercise is magic. It adds more hours to your day. 

Those endorphins make you happy and happy people get more things done.

Or as our favorite lawyer in Legally Blonde says….

Taking the time to exercise doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Even a ten minute walk around the block in the sunshine will do wonders for your perspective. And then the world doesn’t feel like it is crashing in quite so much.

Nourish Yourself


When you feel overwhelmed it is so easy to eat whatever is the easiest thing available to you. And those options don’t always serve you well in the moment.

Before I go on, let me say that I totally understand there are times when eating the donut or double cheeseburger is the only option either because of availability or high emotions. I am the first to raise her hand when asked if there are any emotional eaters in the room. It happens. And there is grace. I get it.

It’s just that taking the time to sit down to enjoy a nourishing meal will do wonders for your soul. 

Try to not eat while standing over the sink. Try to not shove the food down your throat as you go from thing to thing.

Take the time, even just a few minutes, to sit down with your food and truly enjoy it.

Trust me. This easy practice will bring you back into the now and it will help you cope with the overwhelming feelings.


Create A To-Do List


When there are so many things swirling around in my head that need to get done it is so easy to get overwhelmed because I just don’t know where to start.

Creating a To-Do list gives me an action plan, one task at a time.

I don’t know about you but just the act of crossing an item off my To-Do list is encouraging and with each check mark the overwhelming feelings go away.

In fact, I will even create super easy items on my To-Do list just for the opportunity to check them off.

Seeing a To-Do list full of check marks is enough to make me feel happy and accomplished. There is no room to feel overwhelmed because you can see that things are getting done.


Use a Pomodoro Timer


Using a Pomodoro Timer is new for me but it works wonders for productivity.

What is a Pomodoro Timer?

Well, The Pomodoro Technique was created by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s as a time management technique. A timer is used to break up the work day into 25 minute intervals followed by short 5-minute breaks. The work intervals are called pomodoros. Cirillo used a tomato shaped timer when he was in college to time his intervals. The word “pomodoros” is the English plural version of the Italian word, Pomodoro (tomato).

Now that you know a little history here’s how to use this method in a practical way.

Set a timer for 25 minutes. During those 25 minutes, focus completely on what you are doing. Like right now I am writing this article during a 25-minute productive interval. When the timer goes off take a 5-minute break. Get up and walk around if you’ve been sitting at your desk. Sit down and scroll Instagram if you’ve been doing housework. Don’t forget to set the timer for 5 minutes.

After you have done four “pomodoros” (25-minute work intervals) you get a special treat. You get to indulge in a full 20-minute break to do whatever you want to do.

After the 20 minute break, go back to the 25/5 minute split.

Do this method all day and I promise you will knock tons of things off your To-Do list and you will be amazed at how productive you were.

And when you have that sense of accomplishment it is hard to feel overwhelmed by everything you have to get done. Those things may still be there but at least you know you are tackling them.




Y’all, I am a HUGE fan of sleep.

I cannot emphasize the importance of a solid habit of regular sleep.

It is simply impossible to work efficiently when you haven’t had enough sleep. And when you can’t work efficiently you don’t get anything done and then you feel even more overwhelmed.

I believe sleep to be magic just like exercise. Good sleep adds more hours to your work day. It does!

A lack of sleep wears down your body and mind and a worn out body and mind just can’t be asked to do amazing things. It’s not fair.

Love your body and love yourself. Take the time to sleep well. Click To Tweet


Being overwhelmed is going to happen. Sometimes life just feels like too much to handle.

But, here’s the absolutely amazing thing. We don’t have to let these overwhelming feelings to take over our existence. We can take steps to help us cope well, totally dominate the day, and walk in freedom.





Steps you can take to help you feel less overwhelmed

Climb The Mountain Afraid

One thing that I didn’t mention in my ABOUT ME  page is that I have a strange fascination with Mount Everest. I have been fascinated with that beautiful and amazing mountain for probably twenty years. There have been countless movies, documentaries, books, and articles consumed over the years to fuel this fascination. I especially love the stories of all the people who have climbed that mountain: the victories and the tragedies. You can bet your bottom dollar it is on my bucket list to make the trek to base camp so I can look upon that mountain with my own two eyes.

I follow a page on Instagram called Himalayas High for some of my fix of Mt. Everest and mountain climbing goodness. A few weeks ago I came across this picture and quote on their page.

Courtesy of Instagram Himalyas High (@himalayanhigh)

“Sometimes the fear won’t go away so you have to climb that goddamn mountain afraid.” (Instagram: @himalayanhigh) Click To Tweet

While I really don’t like the use the expletives I couldn’t help but be taken aback a bit by this quote. I had to sit with it for a while and ponder what it was saying. And then I had to relate the quote to my own life.

Climbing Mt. Everest has been a metaphor for my life in many ways. In my mind, climbing that mountain all the way to the summit would mean overcoming all the barriers in my life. It would mean pushing all the negative self-talk and doubt out of the way and moving forward to my dream of touching the highest point on earth.

Writing has always been my Mt. Everest. Click To Tweet

I see this awe-inspiring mountain in front of me and long to climb it all the way to the top. And then once I start my trek to the top I am overcome with fear that I will die on that mountain. The thin air will suffocate me or I will fall into a seemingly bottomless crevasse. So, I turn around and head back to base camp and then right back on that plane back home. I stop when I have barely started.

I start writing with my eyes on the summit and it is awesome. I’m going to do this. And then all the excuses for not writing flood my mind. The air of fear is suffocating and I trip and stumble around the crevasses of doubt.  I stop writing. I tell myself that I will go back and write when I am in a good place and there is no fear.

Where does this fear come from? I can identify two main sources of fear.


Always Seeking Safety and Not Taking Risks

For as long as I can remember people said that I hate change.

It’s true. I hate change and I resist it like a tiger. I hate moving. Routine changes will throw me for a major loop. I love for things to stay the same and comfortable. My whole life has been centered on pursuing comfort.

While this may seem all comfy and cozy the truth is that it has totally stunk. Why? It is because the constant desire for comfort means that I am always wanting to be safe and I am not willing to take risks. And that place is boring and soul crushing. It is soul crushing to someone who is uncovering a heart for adventure.

Going after a dream of writing means taking risks. It means putting myself out there. And it means putting comfort aside and replacing it with a scary adventure.

Is it worth it? I think so.


Fear of Man

I would say Fear of Man is the number one reason I have resisted writing. I have told myself just about every reason why I should never write for the public.

You can’t write well.

No one will read your stuff.

People will criticize your writing.

You will die a starving author, unsung and unappreciated.

Everything you desire to write about has already been written by people who are better at it than you anyway.

People will think I am dumb for ever considering going after this.

This list goes on and on.

My fear of what people would say or think about my writing has paralyzed my fingers.

Until now, that is.


I have a secret to share with you. I have been writing in private for quite a long time. I gave myself the challenge to write one thousand words a day no matter what. With the exception of weekends, I have followed through with my challenge. I have a huge Word document on my desktop that is just dripping with my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is the basic day to day happenings and sometimes it is me yelling at God as I’m trying to sort through all kinds of situations. I wrote and wrote and wrote but I didn’t want to share with anyone. What would people think if they really knew what went on in my head?

And then I saw that quote on Instagram and it knocked my feet out from under me. It’s funny how God speaks to us in such perfect ways for each of us as individuals. It took the picture of guy climbing a snow covered mountain and the words, ““Sometimes the fear won’t go away so you have to that climb the goddamn mountain afraid,” to get my butt moving.

You see, anything worth doing is going to make me afraid. And that’s good!

That fear shows me WHO is actually in charge and that I can’t do this alone after all. That fear forces me to my knees saying, “Jesus, you have called me to do this but I am so weak and scared. PLEASE help me!!” And then He responds, “Let’s do this together. Get up and walk. Keep your eyes on me. I am always with you.”  

On the other hand, this fear could keep me right where I have been for the longest time. It could keep me paralyzed and exactly where the Enemy wants me, doing nothing. And doing nothing means that God is not glorified by His work being done through me.


I have a choice to make.

I choose to climb afraid.

I CHOOSE to write afraid.


Dale Carnegie said, “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” Click To Tweet


Is there something that scares you?

Are you willing to do it afraid?

What do you need to do today to start that climb to the summit?




Martin Jernberg

>Sometimes the fear won’t go away so you have to climb that goddamn mountain afraid


Learning to chase your dream even when afraid.

Five Mistakes of a Serial Quitter

When I was setting this blog up I seriously considered putting “Diary of a Serial Quitter” as my Tagline. That is exactly what I am.

I recently asked myself what I am good at. The two main answers that came to mind were “writing and quitting.” Now, before you get defensive for my sake I know there are other things that I excel in doing. I am a good mother. I am a good wife. I am an awesome drinker of coffee and reader of books.

It still remains true that I have proven in my adult life that I am pretty awesome at quitting. You could also call me a Career Shopper. I have gone from being a real estate agent to a personal trainer and nutrition coach to a stenographer in training. And what do all these things have in common? I have quit all of them. And with every time I quit something the pressure of being a failure got stronger and stronger and the desire to quit got easier and easier.

You’ve heard it said that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. And folks, I have a quitting problem. Coming to this realization has not been a fun process but it has been a healing process. I have spent the last six months or so analyzing the WHY to all my quitting tendencies.  There are some deeper issues that I will address over time in this blog but for today we’re going to focus on some more practical mistakes I have made over the years. And admitting these mistakes is the first step to quitting this quitter lifestyle.


Mistake #1 – I Did Not Create a Vision

Whenever I embraced a career change I would get pretty excited and I would dive head first into that endeavor. This new career would be the one that I would stick with. I was sure of it. I worked the long hours and learned all I could about my new career. 

And then the realities of life would set in. It would get hard. The long hours got shorter and shorter. The excuses crept in for why I couldn’t work at that time and then on that day and eventually why I couldn’t do it at all. It became very easy to just quit.

Why could I not focus for any extended amount of time?

Why was it so hard to commit for the long haul?

I did not have a VISION for what I was doing.

What do I mean by a vision?

What is the WHY that makes you CRY? Click To Tweet

It took plenty of time and a whole lot of digging to discover that to be successful at anything you have to ask yourself WHY you are doing it. If you don’t know exactly why you are doing it then it will fizzle out and die.

You must have something you are willing to fight for.

In all my previous pursuits, I did not have a WHY or a vision that burned so hot in my soul that I was willing to work into the night and failure was not an option.

I am quitting not having a vision.

I have a vision and I can promise you that it burns pretty dang hot in my soul and I am going to make it happen.

Do you have a burning hot vision?

Mistake #2 – I Did Not Create Long-term and Short-term Goals


You have already learned that I am a huge dreamer. I don’t struggle with having big dreams and making big plans. What I do struggle with is making concrete goals.

I thought I was making good goals by saying “I want to go there” but I would never truly define what “there” was.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Click To Tweet

I am now creating long term goals that are broken down into short term goals. And then those short term goals are broken down into weekly and daily action steps.

Yes, this is totally new for my personality. In my natural state, I would much rather keep floating around in the dreamy world of the clouds. It is clear that has gotten me nowhere

It is time to turn my dreams into goals and then crush those goals one defined action step at a time.

Are you good at creating goals? What are those goals?


Mistake #3 – I Did Not Track my Victories


I am a person who can get discouraged very easily. My dreamy world brain sees the end goal and lingers in those fuzzy feelings. I go prancing through the flowery fields of seeing my dream accomplished. And then when those fuzzy feelings get crushed by the realities of life I get discouraged very quickly.  

I would allow small inconveniences or mistakes to determine my future and I focused on the negativity.

The mistake I made was that I did not track my victories.

A big goal is like a garden that has to be loved and nurtured. Click To Tweet

Focusing on your failures, big and small, is like neglecting your garden and allowing it to die.

Focusing on your victories, however, is the same as watering, feeding, and weeding your garden. You build a fence to protect it from the creatures and erect a scarecrow to keep the birds out. You love your garden and do everything required to ensure its success and then enjoy its bounty.

Tracking my victories is as simple as keeping a running log of everything I did right that day. And every time I jot a victory down I am nurturing that goal with love and affection.  My current goal garden is still very new but I can confidently say it is the healthiest garden I have ever set out to plant.

Do you keep track of your victories no matter how small?


Mistake #4 – I Did Not Keep a Schedule


Keeping a schedule is not natural for me. Have you figured that out yet? I would rather float around the day and do whatever feels good at that moment. Having a set schedule felt soul crushing. A schedule seemed to fly in the face of creativity. 

Sure, I would have a To-do List almost every day and many times I would get at least some of it done but there was zero structure to my day. I would float from work to pleasure without any sort of defined times or routine.

Not having a schedule killed most of my pursuits.

In the long run, nothing of value got completed. Well, to be honest, a whole lot of Netflix and Facebook got done.

Today, my day is planned with space for work and space for pleasure. I have space for dreamy floating and space for “Butt in the Seat Work”.

And my productivity has gone through the roof.


How good are you at keeping a schedule?


Mistake #5 – I Did Not Create Accountability


In all my previous pursuits I did not invite other people in to keep me on track.

I did not invite people into the grand scheme of my vision and my goals and I did not ask them to do what they needed to in order help me get from point A to Point B.

I did not want to invite people in to serve as accountability because I did not want to answer for my lack of work and progress.

When you don’t have people to answer to on a regular basis there is no fear of letting those we respect most down and becoming a quitter is incredibly easy. Click To Tweet

The awesome thing is that I can learn from my mistakes and I have formed an army of accountability. These are people who know my heart and my dreams and my goals. They are willing to ask me the hard questions in order to keep me on the right path. They are willing to ruffle feathers and, for that, I am grateful.

Do you have an army of accountability?


I am very good at quitting. Thankfully, my past does not determine my future.  Quitting is not the legacy I want to leave for my son. I want my son to remember his Mom as someone who loved her Savior, loved his Dad, loved him, and fought HARD to make her vision her a reality. This is why I am quitting this lifestyle of a quitter. I have identified five mistakes that kept me going in the wrong direction and I am fixing those mistakes for good.

I am turning my face to a new future and the view is bright and beautiful. Click To Tweet

The future is bright.

Who wants to join me????? Drop a note in the comments!!!



5 Reasons I Am Giving Up

I am giving up.

I am a failure.

This is good for them.

But, it is not good for me.

I am not good at anything.

Nor am I good for anything.

I am not talented.

I am regular.

I am average, at best.

I am not pretty.

I have no motivation.

I will never reach my goals.

What’s the point?


The list goes on and on. These are all things I told myself on a daily basis. I woke up each morning with an elephant on my chest as I prepared to face the day. It was just going to be another day of hearing these words in my mind and deep in my soul.

I am a dreamer. I have always been a dreamer. I daydreamed my way all the way through school. I dreamed of all the world changing things that I would do. I spent my days in the company of world changers like Oskar Schindler, William Wilberforce, Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, and Corrie ten Boom.  I had notebooks and notebooks full of all my plans. They were full of stories that I would one day publish. My dreams were vast and amazing… when I was a kid.

Then I started to grow up and experience the realities of this fallen world. I heard words spoken to me by people I believed to be friends and lovers. These were words of condemnation and judgment.  These were words that destroyed my dreams bit by bit.  They choked the very life out of my imagination and my desire to live.

I have lived in this place for quite some time. And it is time to quit. It is time to reclaim the joys of my childhood dreams and to make them come true. It is time to give up

And I invite you to join me …


I Am Fighting For My Life


Words have held me captive for years and years and years. I have believed the lies I was told that I was nothing and I was bound for mediocrity. I became a victim and I made those words true. I created a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that took me to some pretty dark places.

I heard it once said that you can’t stop a bird from landing on your head but you can stop a bird from building its nest there. I have a pretty epic bald eagle nest built in my hair. I am completely responsible for hearing and believing these words and then creating my self-defeating tendencies.

And I am dismantling that nest starting today.

I am giving up on this mediocre life that I have built over the years.

I am giving up on trying to fight these lies and instead I am reclaiming my life for victory.

I am fighting for me.

I am starting new.

I am giving up on the old way of living because I am worth it.

You are also worth it. Do you believe it?? Click To Tweet


I Am Fighting For My Family.


I have the most supportive family in the world. They have been right by my side and supported every single crazy notion I’ve ever had. They considered me to be a superhero even when I had given up and thrown my tattered cape away.

My family poured life giving words over me and never stopped even when I deflected those words because I never felt worthy of them.

But, here’s the thing!  My family deserves ME! They deserve ALL of me. And I am willing to fight for them. They have fought for me all these years and I am going to fight for them now.

I am giving up because my husband married me because he saw my soul, fell in love, and pursued me to marriage. I gave him me, but not all of me. I had built way too many walls. It’s time to give up and let him have me in my entirety.

I am giving up for my son. He does not need a perfect Mom but he needs an authentic Mom. He needs a Mom who believes truth and lives truth. He needs a Mom who can and will coach him in excellence and how to be successful. He needs a Mom who can and will speak truth and identity over him because she first knows her own truth and identity.

I am giving up on the old way of living because my family is worth my whole self.

Are you ready to become your full self for your family? Click To Tweet


I Am Fighting For My Friends


Do you know how often I hear or read self-defeating words come out of the mouths of others? You would be surprised. Or, maybe not.

As I became more aware of the pit I dug for myself I became aware of how prevalent this problem is.

And guess what? It has made me MAD! I am flaming mad!

WHY have we allowed so many women, who once dreamed big, to fall into a place of mediocrity of their own making??

Does that stir something in your heart? Does that make you uncomfortable? It should!

This isn’t right! We were all created to do some pretty awesome things and we have become our own worst enemies.

I can’t accept that. Nope, not going to do it.

I am claiming victory!

I am giving up on the old way of living because you are ALL worth fighting for.

Are you ready to fight for yourself? I am fighting for you. Click To Tweet


I Am Fighting For My Dream


Oh my! Remember how I said that I have always been a dreamer and that I had notebooks full of stories. And that I also had an imagination that carried me through my childhood. I still live in that world of imagination. There is even a soundtrack.  There has got to be a reason for how my brain works.

I have dreamed of writing for pretty much as long as I can remember. I write voraciously, but in private. “Why, in private, “ you say? Because I never believed that anyone would ever want to read my words. I believed that my voice was not worth being heard.

Ummmm….to Hell with that. I am casting those lies to Hell where they belong.

I am giving up on the old way of living because I was created to be a writer. It is time to allow that barely flickering flame to grow into a raging bonfire.

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I Am Fighting For My Savior


It is time for full disclosure. I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and my Everything. He is the only reason I am still alive today. My relationship with Him permeates everything that I do and everything that I write.

But, you see. I have allowed all those ugly words to build walls between Him and me. I just couldn’t believe that He loved me that much.

I am giving up on the old way of living because Jesus has made it abundantly clear that He does LOVE me so very much. He fought for my soul by dying on the cross for all my sins and he continues to fight for my heart each and every day.

It is time for me to truly hear the words of LOVE he has for me. And it is time for me to walk into the Identity and Destiny that He has set in place for me.

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I believe in freedom. And I believe that by giving up we gain the freedom to be the whole person we were each created to be.

I believe that FREEDOM IS HERS for the taking. Click To Tweet

Join me. Let’s take this journey into our destinies together. I do not claim to have all the answers. I am learning too. I don’t know about you. But,  I am so sick and tired of the old life that I am giving that up and starting over.

Let this wild and wonderful adventure begin. It’s going to be a wild ride, y’all.




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Dino Reichmuth

It is time to give up and start fresh. I am giving up.

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