October has been a crazy and awesome month. 

I launched the blog on October 2nd.

It was an incredibly fun day. I was at the computer for most of the day talking to people who were messaging me about the awesome news of this new blog entering the blogosphere. I was overwhelmed with the response and I was floating on cloud nine for pretty much the entire day. 

I got 20+ subscribers that first day!!!!

The whole first week of October was pretty much the same as the first day. I was flying high and enjoying every minute of it.

Then Week 2 hit.

I started seeing the page views plummet. People weren’t signing up for my freebie and newsletter like they were before. There wasn’t much social media engagement. 

All of a sudden, this blog suddenly felt like an anchor and hard work. 

I remember thinking, “Okay, so this blogging thing is going to require a lot of work. *Sigh* Alrighty then, let’s do this.” 

I dusted off my crown and put my Big Girl Panties and got to work. 

I have been diligently working every day on this little blog all the while fighting off the inner critic that loves to say I can’t do this and it will never amount to anything. 

I am determined to make this work because I KNOW that writing is my God-given destiny. I have given up and quit on way too many things in my life. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say, “No more.”

There was a grand purpose set into motion when I was born. My job is to walk into that destiny. Click To Tweet

I will let God take care of the details. 

Let’s look at the details of the month. 

My coach says that anything you want to grow and change you MUST track your results. One of the reasons you need to track your results is that when the days are hard and you aren’t seeing any traction you can always go back and see that you are, indeed, growing even if it is slow. 

I am also all about being authentic and keeping accountability on this blog. 

So, here are my numbers. 

Page views: 

Email Subscribers: (MailChimp)

Social Media: 

I look at these numbers and I am pretty happy.

What makes me the happiest is the number of subscribers. My focus is to grow my email list and to love on those people as much as possible. While I want the list to grow, I also want to take good care of those who have entrusted me with their sacred email space. So, I am happy with any growth, fast or slow. 

There is no income to report and that’s okay. I didn’t put any real effort into earning an income this month. I’m focusing on producing awesome content and growing my email list. 

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  • Launched the blog
  • Started Email list and started weekly newsletter 
  • Created a 2nd Freebie to grow the Email List 
  • Jumped back onto Twitter and loving it. 
  • Scheduled 3 posts a week allowing for 2 to post and one to create a backlog. 
  • Wrote 1000 words a day (Monday – Friday)
  • Invested in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for 2017. (Whoo!!  It’s going to take all year to get through it all!)
  • Started taking the courses in the GBT2017. 
  • Slowly learning where I fit in social media. 
  • Started engaging with other bloggers and supporting them. 
  • Learning to put others first 


  • Started a FB page but not really sure if I like it or if it works. 
  • Got sucked into link dropping in FB groups. YUCK. 
  • Listened to the lies that I can’t do this and got discouraged. 
  • Allowed that discouragement to slow down progress. 
  • And didn’t plan well for November. 
  • Floundering in social media 
  • Got sucked into the daily maintenance of the blog and stopped dreaming and planning. 
  • Lost some authenticity in my writing due to worrying what other’s thought. 

I could go on and on about what I did right and I could write even more about what I did wrong. 

This blog is a journey towards fulfilling my dream and destiny to be a writer. I know there will be wins and there will be lots of fails.

I am learning from my fails and moving forward and that is a Big 'Ole Fat Win. Click To Tweet

I am excited about November!  Good things are coming. 🙂



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