It is time for Challenge #3 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges!!! This month is all about reading and how many books we can read when not scrolling on our phones.

Welcome to Month 3 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges!! That means it is time for Challenge Number Three! Let’s get reading!

It is amazing how quickly the time is going by. When I first started mulling over the idea of doing these challenges it felt like it was going to take forever. 

Now I’m already going into the third challenge. That’s three out of twelve. I will be one-quarter of the way through at the end of October. 

First, let’s talk about Challenge #2: The BE SEEN Challenge.

I will be honest and say the BE SEEN Challenge was a bit frustrating. 

First, I never felt like I had anything important to talk about.

So, a lot of the time I was flying off the seat of my pants. I know I usually have plenty to say but for some reason, I didn’t want to talk about those kinds of things on camera. Is it a good thing to talk about controversial stuff? Is it worth the potential backlash? That’s the big question.

Second, I was frustrated by the lack of interest or involvement. 

Sometimes I would post on my FB page that I was going LIVE and no one who would sign on and watch LIVE. Nor did very many people watch the replays.

Why did that bother me and why does it concern me that no one watched? Was it because I find confidence or affirmation in other people seeing me and praising me?

What is the root of this issue?

I think what this BE SEEN Challenge showed me was that I really do hold on to other people’s opinions too tightly. The fact that my motivation to do LIVE videos started going way down when I saw no one was signing on days on end is very telling. The fact that my desire to write went way down is extremely telling. My desire to write and pour myself into this blog suffered quite a bit this month and I am blaming the BE SEEN Challenge

I am not saying this past challenge was a bad one.  It was a big WIN. I can see now why I felt prompted to do this challenge and why I was so hesitant to do it. Something inside me knew it could get ugly even if I couldn’t quite articulate the specifics of it.


Was the BE SEEN Challenge enjoyable?

No. Not even a little bit. I confess I would try so hard every single day to justify not doing my video. I would feel better after the video as done and think, “Well, that wasn’t so bad.” And then I would start thinking about how no one signed on. I would go back and see if anyone watched the recording. Most of my videos have zero views. Then I would go down the rabbit hole, wondering WHY no one signed on. It just got nasty from there. 

(You are welcome to go back to my Facebook page and watch the full series. I have them labeled by the day. You can experience what I’m talking about. I am not embarrassed. This has been a good process and I’m willing to share.)

Was the BE SEEN Challenge worth it?

Absolutely. It showed me where I have some root issues that need to be sorted out. That is a good thing. It will be deep soul work but I have no doubt it will be well worth the hard work. My writing will be so much better for it.

Moving on to the October challenge: Challenge Number Three

It is time for Challenge #3 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges!!! This month is all about reading and how many books we can read when not scrolling on our phones.

October is the Less Scrolling, More Reading Challenge.

I love reading and I love reading a wide range of material. However, there is this nasty habit of scrolling on my phone when I settle down for the night.  While I tell myself I should reach for a book, I almost always reach for my phone for that one last look at what’s going on in the e-mail, news, social media, etc. Next thing I know it is time for bed and I have never picked up a book.

I hate that I miss out on so much good reading because I’m mindlessly scrolling. Rarely is there anything worth remembering when I’m scrolling and not reading. 

So, I have issued myself a challenge to do less scrolling and more reading in October.

I have gone through quite a number of scenarios of how to do this challenge. One was to challenge myself to a certain number of books and another was to make it more of a social media fast that focused on reading. Both are good options.

A Year of 30-Day Challenges is in Month 3: Less Scrolling, More Reading. Click To Tweet

After last month’s BE SEEN Challenge and everything that I uncovered from that, I need a challenge that is a bit more open and less daunting. I also have another very big challenge coming up in November. 

Here are the details of the Less Scrolling, More Reading Challenge (October: Challenge 3)

  • Keep my phone in one place all day. You could even call it “phone jail”. I will keep the ringer on but turn off all the other notifications.
  • Only use social media when on my laptop instead of on my phone.
  • Turn off social media apps on phone.
  • Carry reading material wherever I go via regular book or Kindle so that reading is available at all times.
  • Pick up my Kindle or book in every situation I would otherwise use my phone for entertainment.
  • Set aside specific reading time each day (ex. in the evening after dinner or while waiting for my son to get out of an activity.)

I don’t really have a specific number of books in mind I want to read this month. I just want to know how much I am capable of reading when the distractions are minimal.

I will keep up with accountability on my Facebook Page and Instagram. At the end of the month, I will report on what books I read and what I think of them. 

I am pretty dang excited about this challenge.

I have been wanting to really focus on reading and this gives me the perfect excuse to do it. 

How are you with your reading? Do you get plenty of reading each day? Do you wish you could do more?

Join me in the Less Scrolling, More Reading Challenge!!!!

It is time for Challenge #3 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges!!! This month is all about reading and how many books we can read when not scrolling on our phones.
PASTE It is time for Challenge #3 of the Year of 30-Day Challenges!!! This month is all about reading and how many books we can read when not scrolling on our phones.

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21 comments on “A Year of 30-Day Challenges: Less Scrolling, More Reading”

  1. Nice challenge you have for the month. I don’t do nearly as much reading as I’d love to. Last month, I took some days off and read a few novels. Wish I could do more of that every month but so many other things compete for the time. But I do love reading and will try and get through one book I really like every for night. xoxo

  2. Yep I wouldn’t be doing this challenge to be honest, we all need or want people to comment, watch and react postively to us. Strokes our ego.

    • The cool thing is the Vulnerability Challenge is over. 😉 And I learned a lot about myself and that is the whole point of these challenges. I may not like what I learn but it’s all about refining and growing. I am thankful to have moved on to a reading challenge this month. That one will be fun!

  3. Yesss! I love this! I wonder if you’ll read any of the books I read during my September challenge to read 10+ books in 30 days! (I’m still halfway through book 13). Love it, love it, love it!!

  4. Reading more is definitely something I try to do. I love to read, but it always seems to be the first thing to get cut from my day. The phone is definitely a temptation, as well as my computer. I can sit down for blogging tasks, but then so easily get sidetracked and start looking at everything else. I like the idea of keeping my phone in a central location…. away from me! I also keep a book in a few strategic locations. I have a book in my Kindle app on my phone and an audiobook in the car for on-the-go reading. I have a non-fiction book in our read aloud basket next to my armchair in the living rooms. I keep a fiction book on my nightstand. I try to spend at least 10-15 minutes each day with each of them (the fiction and non-fiction). Spending 10 minutes reading before bed usually turns into much more, and it’s a much better way to relax than scrolling through Facebook.

  5. I love this! It’s funny what an addicting time suck social media can be; and more often than not I’ve found it leads to things like self image issues, comparison issues, and it keeps me from living in the here and now. I ended up completely deleting facebook from my phone a little over a month ago, and I don’t even miss it!

  6. Ooh! I love this More Reading challenge. I can see why this challenge would feel like more of a refreshing reward following the Be Seen challenge. I really appreciate your honesty in that summary. I honestly can’t imagine myself doing an FB Live every day for even a week! With a challenge titled “Be Seen”, I can see why not having the views would be disappointing. I think you unlocked some magic though! It does seem like it would be freeing to continue pushing on every day solely to grow in your craft and not be tethered so tightly to views, likes and comments. You’re doing a great job!

    • Ha!! The reading has been amazing!!!

      I am a big-time introvert too. That’s part of the reason why I did the previous challenge. And being an introvert, I am glad it is over. But, I know now that I CAN do it when I need to. 🙂

  7. I’m definitely a sucker for scrolling too and I get frustrated that I wasted my free time but then find myself doing it again. I should definitely give this challenge a go.

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