I hear you want to start a blog.

That is so awesome. I am so glad that I took the leap and started this blog. I think blogging has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. Blogging is an amazing outlet.

And, if you are willing to work hard, you can even make a decent income from blogging all from the comfort of your own home.

I’m sure you have asked Rabbi Google about blogging. And you’ve probably gone to Pinterest looking for the best “How-To” articles for starting a blog.

Let me guess. You were inundated with a ton of pretty Pins and articles about how to start a blog. You saw email courses, ebooks, and even entire courses on how to do this thing called blogging.

YES!!  This is exactly what you need!!  Blogging!  Here we coooooooome!!!

You sign up for some free email courses and read some ebooks. If you are really hungry, you might even pay to sign up for an e-course.


You are taking the right steps.

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So, now you have figured out your domain, platform, hosting company, WordPress template, free stock photos and how to edit them to make awesome pinnable images, etc. You are slowly but surely learning the technical side of blogging.

Yeah!  Your blog is being born!!!

But, wait.

What’s the number one thing bloggers do??????

They WRITE!!



Oh, crap!  Now you need to actually write!

You probably have an idea of what you want to write about.

You might even have a fairly good idea of what your niche is thanks to one of those fancy email courses you subscribed to.  Am I right?

But, how do you get that actual content written?

I have spent a fair amount of time in some awesome blogger groups on Facebook and one of the most common sticking points I am noticing for starting a blog is actually getting the content written and out there.

The number one objective of a blogger is to create AWESOME content, a lot of it. Click To Tweet

The funny thing is that the writing part of keeping a blog is easy to me. I was writing long before I even considered starting this blog. It’s the technical side of things that get me frustrated and wondering if I want to do this for the long run.

Here is my little bit of wisdom about getting awesome content out there. 

Write. Write. Write. Write A lot. Write Often.

One of the most frustrating things for me to do is sit down at my computer for the purpose of writing a blog article. The pressure of creating a quality piece that will be published drives me nuts. I usually end up sitting there, staring at the computer, for way too long. 

Getting past this paralysis is as easy as just writing every single freaking day. I don’t worry about the content or the editing. My fingers are allowed to just flow over the keyboard. It doesn’t matter what comes out. Just let it go. 

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One of my virtual writing mentors, Jeff Goins, recently wrote a post on how he finally came to make it as a writer. He said, “So I made a life-changing decision. I would write every day and publish it on my blog for two years straight. That was my promise to myself. Practice every day for two years before giving up.”

As you write every day you are creating an awesome library of content that you can pull from when it’s time to create a blog post.

Writing every freaking day also helps you push past any fear you might have about writing.

Writing is a vulnerable thing to do. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about. You always leave a little bit of yourself on that page. And for that, writing is scary for many people.

Writing requires a different part of the brain than talking.  And that part of the brain needs daily exercise to get fit and ready to produce. Daily writing provides that exercise. Before you know it, writing becomes easy and you just might come to love it for all that it can provide.

Daily writing will help you come up with topic ideas that you aren’t even writing about.

Just the act of writing helps me come up with awesome ideas for future posts. It’s kind of funny how it happens too. The vast majority of post ideas come while I am doing my daily writing. For that reason alone, it is so worth having this daily habit.

Write Every Freaking Day. Your Content will create itself. And you will learn about yourself along the way.

I wish I could come up with some awesome three-step formula that will sell like crazy but it’s just not that complicated. There aren’t three steps to it!!

Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write.

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Try it.

Consider doing a 1000 Words a Day Challenge!! 

Let me know what happens!!!!




Actually writing for your blog can be hard sometimes. Here's how you can guarantee tons of content for your blog in no time. No complicated formula here.

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17 comments on “How To Start Writing For Your Blog”

  1. Hey, I loved this and it’s so true! You need to write everyday the more you write the quicker things come to you, besides you become a better writer. Most of my blogging ideas come when I am writing a new post, normally 2-3 pop into my head each time. It’s crazy! Anyway loved your post. Keep being awesome!

    • Hey Leo!! Thanks for coming by!!

      Yep, most of my writing ideas come when I’m already writing, running, or showering. HAHA!!

      Hey, YOU keep being awesome!!

  2. As a fellow blogger, I can attest to your advice about writing every single day! I have found this extremely helpful! When I skip a few days, I get lost, uninspired, out of sync with myself! Great simple advice! Simple is best! <3

  3. I love the fact that you’re promoting the 30 challenge to write 1000 words a day!

    There seems to be so many bloggers that seem to struggle with writing and can’t seem to understand that, like anything else, they need to make it a routine in order to improve. I’m still a terrible writer, but I’ve been making an effort to write every day and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done, blogging-wise.

  4. I love this post! It’s so true that the more you write, the easier it becomes! So often I sit down at the computer and NOTHING comes to mind, but as soon as I go for a walk, take a shower, drive, my mind is flooded with things I want to write!

  5. Great article! I completely agree with you, writing every. single. day is SO important! I would add, don’t be afraid to write on paper or napkins or envelopes & receipts or a waterproof notepad you keep in the shower. I think that sometimes when we’re just starting to write, we scare ourselves into thinking we can only write in front of a computer at a certain time of day. In order to stay inspired though, we must write everywhere/anytime with technology being totally optional. Thanks again for a good read!

  6. Hey I just read your awesome post. I am like you. I can write up a storm,however, that’s IF I knew what I was writing about or if someone gave me a subject to write about. So thank you for this tip. I will start writing every day to practice and improve my writing skills.

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