A story about the power of changing your inner dialogue or script and how you can do the same and experience success as a result.


Let me tell you a story.

There was once a girl named Natalie. Well, she wasn’t really a girl. She was a woman. In fact, she was staring down the impending arrival of her 40th birthday. Natalie was married to her wonderful husband of fifteen years and together they had two children, aged 12 and 8. Natalie’s husband worked as a developer while Natalie stayed home with their two children. She homeschooled them and made sure they were well connected through swim team and other extra-curricular activities. 

In her previous life (a.k.a. before kids), Natalie was college educated preschool teacher. She got her degree in Early Childhood Education at the same University where she met her husband. She loved her career very much but she loved being home with her kids even more.

Overall, Natalie would say she is happy.

She knows that she lives a very blessed life and that always brings a smile to her face. But, if she were 100% honest with herself she is also living an unfulfilled life. You could almost say she is living lie. Or at least that’s how Natalie feels.

You see, there are some things that Natalie has always wanted to do with her life. I guess you could call them dreams that she has kept hidden deep in her soul for a very long time.

Why would Natalie keep these dreams hidden for so long? Why not just go after them?

Natalie has another secret that she doesn’t really like to talk about.

She struggles with keeping a positive outlook, self-doubt and feeling worthy of success. She often feels dumb for even entertaining going after these dreams because of all the other things she’s done that have failed. What? Natalie is no stranger to awesome new projects that she’s convinced will be the ticket to bringing her entrepreneurial bent to the home. She’s done this and she’s done that and she’s done the other. What makes them all similar? Natalie quits all of them as soon as they get hard. It’s true. She knows it and she’s not proud of it. And with each given up project, she loses a bit of herself. She loses more of her confidence and her once happy-go-lucky attitude.

It is so frustrating because these dreams that Natalie has just won’t leave her alone. No matter how hard she may try, she can’t shake the dream of being a writer. Wait, did she just say that out loud? Oh Geez! Was anyone listening?

One rainy morning, Natalie had the opportunity to meet a dear friend at a coffee shop for a couple hours while her kids were at a homeschool activity. What a treat! These dates really fill her soul.


Natalie wasn’t planning to break down and share her frustrations with her friend.

She planned to just shoot the breeze, laugh, and get caught up with her friend.

“I want to be a writer more than anything, Lisa, but I can’t bring myself to share my writing. I write all the time. But, I have failed so many times. Why wouldn’t this be any different? I’m not sure I could actually do this.”

“Natalie, I have one question for you?”

“What would happen if you completely changed your script?”

“I don’t understand. What in the world are you saying?”

“What would happen if you completely changed how you talk to yourself? What would happen if you changed the way you see the world? Instead of speaking words of self-doubt and failure to yourself, what if you spoke words of triumph and gratitude and joy and success? What if instead of assuming the world is out to ruin you, you take responsibility for your own actions and not worry about the rest? What if instead of always saying ‘woe is me’ you said ‘watch me’?” What would happen?”

What if instead of always saying ‘woe is me’ you said ‘watch me’? What would happen? Click To Tweet

“Ummmm….well….I guess that would change just about everything.”
A story about the power of changing your inner dialogue or script and how you can do the same and experience success as a result.

“Okay, Do that then.”
And that was the turning point in Natalie’s life.

It was then that Natalie stopped the Why Me’s and replaced them with the Why Not Me’s.

It was then that Natalie started looking at failure as mere feedback instead of the destruction of a dream. Instead of thinking, “The world hates me!” she thought, “Okay, what could I have done differently?”

Instead of looking at successful people as people who were lucky enough to find the golden ticket, she learned how they created their own golden ticket. Click To Tweet

It was then that Natalie only allowed herself three seconds to whimper and whine about a setback and then got to work.

She stopped seeing her dreams as mere pipe dreams, but as something worthy of pursuing with reckless abandon.
And now Natalie wants to know…

What about you?

What would happen if YOU completely changed your script?

It’s time to get to work.






A story about the power of changing your inner dialogue or script and how you can do the same and experience success as a result.

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6 comments on “How to Change Your Script: A Story”

  1. I too struggle with a lot of self doubt. Even now, I’m trying to figure out what went wrong with a failed project and if I should just give up on it or if there’s anything I can learn to try to make it better. I need to change my script!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart here in this space. I’m a life coach and blog in a similar niche. This is truly inspiring for others who struggle. This creates a space that fosters vulnerability which is the life line of connection. Thank you for being real.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I constantly struggle with self-doubt and negative self-talk, it’s been a long process and still a lot of work, but I’m trying my best to change how I talk to myself.

  4. The words we use hold SO much power; way more power than we give them credit for! It’s amazing how something as simple as saying “watch me” can change your entire attitude, from your body language to your actions. Great post!

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