I do believe that the uninspired feeling is the thorn in my flesh. Some days the creative juices are just flowing and I can create awesome content. And then there are days when I can’t get the creative engine running. That uninspired feeling is so strong and every ounce of my being wants to just hang up the keyboard and not write that day. But, not writing is not an option.

A reality of this life is that being uninspired as a writer is going to happen. You can count on that. So, I have created an action plan to get me through those uninspired days.  I have four tools in my writing tool belt that help me a lot. 

Just start writing.

I said in the post about writing 1000 words a day that there are plenty of days when I have no idea what to write about. My brain is just running dry of ideas.  It would be incredibly easy to just skip that day in a dramatic huff but that is not an option. 

That is what I used to do and that’s why I never got anywhere with my writing. I allowed my success to be determined by my emotions. Wow! Isn’t that awesome?

 Now, I have time scheduled each day called BICW, “Butt in Chair Writing.” It is at that time that my butt is in the chair and I am writing. It does not matter if I am inspired or not. I have to write 1000 words before I get up.

There are plenty of days when I have to be ruthless with myself because it is on those days that I want to be a spoiled little brat and not write. So, during that scheduled block of time, I force myself to sit down and get my fingers moving.

For example, this particular post started out as pure rubbish because I did not want to write at this time. I had so much going on around me and I felt like I needed to get to those things over my writing. It is currently “BICW” time, so I am sitting here writing. Amazingly, a lot of my best 

work comes out writing sessions that started out as pure rubbish. I just have to force myself to sit down and start writing. Starting is the hardest part. 

I Don’t Take Myself So Seriously

More times than not the reason I am having a hard time feeling inspired is that I am thinking too hard. I am desperately trying to find the perfect topic to write about. I’m trying to find that perfect viral article. The truth is that I am putting myself on a pedestal.

If I stop taking myself so seriously and stop thinking so highly of myself then the words will flow. If I just drop the freakin’ ego then I can write.It is in that place of humility that I am able to write well. It is when I kneel and allow Jesus to stand and lead me by the hand that my passion and calling come to fruition.

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Take A Break

There are also times when the inspiration is running low because I am just too dang tired. I spin a lot of plates around here. Thankfully, I have gained more skill in the realm of time management to help me spin those plates in a more balanced way.  I have also reduced my schedule a good bit so that I can focus on the things that matter the most to me, such as writing.

When I do get out of the habit of good time management it’s then that I get tired and run down. And when I am run down I can’t write well.

It’s just like they say on airplanes. The parents need to give themselves oxygen first. You have to fill your tanks up first before you can help others.
If my tanks are not full then I can’t produce anything that could possibly help others.

So, when I am running ragged and uninspired, I take some time to rest. I take a nap, read a book, or increase my self-care a bit so as to fill my tanks up some more. When I feel taken care of the writing comes.

Finally, Open My Eyes

A lack of inspiration often comes from having tunnel vision.

Now, I do think it’s good to have tunnel vision for a time because it can help you hustle and get things done. Put the blinders on, focus, and get’ er done.

BUT, the blinders also mean that I can’t see all the inspiration that is all around me every single day. There is amazing inspiration everywhere: nature, conversations, articles I read, for example. It’s just that I  get so narrow-minded sometimes and just cease seeing the inspiration.

It is then I allow myself to breathe and start looking. I open my eyes to everything around me. Looking and listening is key. 

I become more aware and more present. The world opens up to me and the writing starts moving like crazy.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?  I could always use new ideas!!



Being uninspired happens. Here are four tools I use to beat uninspired writing.

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20 comments on “How I Beat Uninspired Writing: 4 Steps”

  1. Great post! It’s funny, for me sometimes, reading too much of other people’s posts makes me stuck. I start to think, darn, I should have wrote that. And then I just get over thinking about it. I have to turn my brain off from all electronics to be inspired. I love the idea of having a dedicated time to turn off, tune in and write. I’m gonna try it!

    • Thanks for coming by!!!! 🙂 Having a set amount of time or word count to write each day has been a game changer!!!! Let me know when you’ve tried it! What do you like to do to get the creative juices flowing???

    • Thanks Patrick!!! I love to read too and reading definitely helps get the creative juices flowing. What kind of books do you love reading the most??

    • I am so glad!!!! We all experience it and could use as much help as possible. 🙂 Keep up the good work write those words!!!!

  2. Very helpful! I find that when I increase my quiet time with the Lord, a whole multitude of inspiration flows… however, it’s not always easy to spend a whole morning in the word and prayer. Especially when I have to chase two Littles around! Thank you for this list!!! <3

    • YES!!!!

      I also find that a lot of my best ideas come when I’m in the shower or on a run. Those two times are usually my best conversations with God. I gotta find a way to write down those ideas so I don’t forget them. Shower crayon? Sharpie pen on my arm? Hmmmmmmm.

    • YES!!!! Music is a big help for me too!!! And Exercise. It seems all the good ideas come when I’m running….or in the shower. LOL!

  3. *nods* Oh yeah… There are days when the words just seem to come to you. There’s a flow, but most days… It’s like pulling teeth. I think it was Jeff Goins who said that inspiration is for amateurs. Not sure, but I do agree. We grow and learn and improve in writing when we keep on keeping on. Inspired or otherwise.

    Totally agree with your post!

    • Thanks for coming by!!!!

      I love Jeff Goins too. I get so much inspiration and a good kick in the butt from him!! Have you read any of his books?

  4. I love the idea to sit down and write 1000 words a day! I laughed at the BICW, “Butt in Chair Writing.” I may have to use that one. Great post!
    How long have you been writing 1000 words a day? Have you seen dramatic results in your writing? I am curious!

    • Hey Natalie!!

      I have been writing about 1000 words a day for awhile now. I have done quite a few seasons of it over the years but now that I’m choosing to take this writing somewhere I’m really committing to it daily. 🙂 It does have a dramatic effect on my writing. If I go a few days without writing my 1000 words then I can FEEL it. It is an awesome outlet for processing my twist-a-whirl of a mind and it helps me create content easily.

      Have you been to my post, Introducing the 1000 Words a Day Writing Challenge? You can get a tracker for 30 days of writing 1000 words a day. Check it out! And let me know if you want to do the challenge!! 🙂

    • Yes. Music is a big help for me too. I’ve got my earphones on right now listening to Pandora!!!

      What’s your favorite music for inspiring good writing?

    • When I feel stunted in my writing, I just tell myself, “JUST START WRITING!!!” It’s like how the first step is always the hardest step when you are running. 🙂

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