A Year of 30-Day Challenges Starts Now! Challenge #1 is all about Handwriting Scripture. The goal is to handwrite a full chapter every day for 30 days. Let's get started!!

The first challenge for A Year of 30-Day Challenges is all about Handwriting Scripture!!

The goal of the Handwriting Scripture challenge is to copy a full chapter of your choice every day for the duration of the 30-day challenge.

I have decided to copy Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians and you are welcome to join me in that focus. You are also welcome to pick whatever books and chapters you believe will benefit you the most. You could focus on specific books like I am or focus on topics that you want to learn more about.

Make sure you download the Habit Tracker and Chapter Tracker I provide for this challenge

As we get started handwriting scripture together I thought it would be appropriate to share the best tips for getting the most out of this practice.

Choose Special Materials to Make Handwriting Scripture Special

Pick out a nice notebook and a nice pen that you can dedicate to this challenge.

The actual materials ultimately don’t matter. What matters is that the materials are items that will make your practice more special.

Go ahead and buy a new journal and a new pen if you have space in your budget to do that.

Since I really don’t want to spend extra money for this year of 30-day challenges, I just grabbed a 3-ring binder from our homeschool stash and added some college-ruled paper and dividers. I also grabbed some colored pens because writing in multiple colors brings me such joy.

Make it special and meaningful. You are going to spend a lot of time in that notebook. Make it approachable and comforting

What are you going to use for handwriting Scripture this month?

Pick a Quiet and Comfortable Spot

Choose a place in your house that you can return to each day that is quiet and comfortable.

I have chosen to sit at our breakfast room table while I am handwriting my chapter each day. While the couch is super, duper cozy I know that I won’t be in the best position for good handwriting. And to be honest, I will also be tempted to lie down with my favorite blanket.

The breakfast room table is perfect because the room is well lit in the mornings and I have plenty of space to spread out all my materials, including my mug of coffee.

Consider keeping all your handwriting Scripture materials in that spot every day so that you don’t have to go looking for them when your time to copy comes.

Where will you be handwriting Scripture? Dining room table? Desk? Couch?

Make a Daily Appointment

Pick a time during the day when you know you can be consistent in your daily Scripture handwriting practice.

Once you pick that time, create an appointment in your calendar.

Treat that block of time as seriously as you would treat a doctor’s appointment. I don’t know about you but I rarely miss a doctor’s appointment. They can be so hard to come by that I don’t miss one unless there is a serious reason to cancel.

I give my workouts the same treatment. I create uncancellable appointments in my calendar and rarely do I miss those workouts.

If I can treat my workouts that seriously then I know I can do the same when it comes to spending time in Scripture.

I am choosing to do my copying in the morning right after breakfast. More times than not my husband has left for work and my son hasn’t quite gotten out of bed yet. The dog is walked and the house is nice and quiet. I can spend time in the Word before the rush of the day gets started.

What is the best time for you?

Slow Down and Take Your Time

I know that time is a precious commodity for most of us.

But, I can’t stress enough the importance of taking as much time as you can to absorb every word that you are writing.

Slow down as you are writing. Read and re-read what you are writing.

Confirm that your copying is accurate to the Bible you are writing from.

While the surface goal of this challenge is to write a chapter every day for 30 days, the ultimate goal is to spend time every day deep in God’s Word.

Enjoy the process. Savor the practice.

Don’t get caught up in having to power through so you can check that box.

Check your heart.

And that leads us to the next tip.

Give Yourself Grace

I know this challenge is going to be, well, a challenge.

In our busy and technological lives, handwriting Scripture can be hard. Throw in handwriting a full chapter every day and it got even harder.

I am not embarking on this challenge lightly.

It is going to be hard. I can foresee the first few days of this challenge being pretty easy. I’ll be excited with anticipation. I’ve planned for this, by golly!

And probably by about Day 5 or so, it will start getting hard and each day after that will get progressively harder. The weekends will be the toughest because I will be out of my weekday routine.

Listen, I understand if life happens and you miss your appointment. There’s grace.

If all you can do is a few verses one day, there’s grace.

If all you can do is read or listen to the chapter, there’s grace.

Pick up where you left off.

God doesn’t care about our performance. He cares that we show up. Click To Tweet

I am doing this challenge because I know I need some hardcore time in the Word and I know I learn best when I write things down.

Why are you doing this challenge?

Finally, PRAY Before You Start

When you sit down to start handwriting Scripture take a moment to close your eyes, take some deep breathes, and slow down your mind. Pray for God’s guidance as you are handwriting His Word.

Be present and listen.

Pray so that you can be in a good place to hear and learn from the words you are copying.

I do believe that you would benefit from handwriting Scripture even if you were in a tizzy as you did it. That’s how awesome God’s Word is.

But, if you want to zap all the goodness out of this practice you want to be in a good place mentally and ready to receive.

Are you ready?

Grab your Bible, notebook, pen, and a good attitude. Let’s get started on our journey to write through the Bible. 

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A Year of 30-Day Challenges Starts Now! Challenge #1 is all about Handwriting Scripture. The goal is to handwrite a full chapter every day for 30 days. Let's get started!!


A Year of 30-Day Challenges Starts Now! Challenge #1 is all about Handwriting Scripture. The goal is to handwrite a full chapter every day for 30 days. Let's get started!!


A Year of 30-Day Challenges Starts Now! Challenge #1 is all about Handwriting Scripture. The goal is to handwrite a full chapter every day for 30 days.

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11 comments on “How To Master Handwriting Scripture: 6 Tips”

  1. I never thought of having scripture writing as a practice. This can also be given for children. Thanks for sharing this! Sara @ preciouswomb.com

    • YES!! As someone who learns best through writing copying Scripture has been HUGE in my spiritual walk. It is also awesome handwriting practice for the little ones!!! 🙂

  2. This is such a great concept. I love the books that you chose to copy. It will be a very inspiring month! I love that 30 day challenges help with discipline, which is good to work on at any age. Best Wishes!

  3. What a great challenge! This would be perfect for teaching Scripture to children but it can definitely help us, adults, as well. I’ve pretty much relied on my Bible app to teach me the Bible but this would be way more fun!

  4. How interesting! I love the idea of handwriting scripture as a way of meditating on God’s word. Personally, I find that when I read my Bible and take time to write out and expound on verses that spoke to me, I get more out of that precious time. Thanks for reminding me about that; I’d gotten lazy!

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