There is something kind of evil about perfectionism. Maybe the word “evil” is a bit extreme but I think it still fits to some extent.

The reason I say evil is because perfectionism is downright crippling and paralyzing.

I think back to the number of times that I have wanted to do something but I never got anything off the ground because I was stuck in it being perfect. 

This blog is a perfect example. It is an exercise in getting out of perfectionism.

I believe that is the main reason God told me to start this blog among many other reasons. 

It comes down to God is calling me out of my old life and you being invited along for the ride. Click To Tweet

I think perfectionism has a root in Fear of Man or People Pleasing. How easy is it to go looking around at the plethora of blogs out there? I can see all the professional blogs that look insane and amazing with one click of the mouse.

Then I look at my blog. Yeah. It’s not up to that caliber…yet. 

That’s pretty clear. I compare and compare. My blog never matches up in my mind. Then I don’t want to launch this blog because it doesn’t look perfect. The writing isn’t perfect. The offerings are not perfect. Nothing is perfect. And Lord knows, the writer is not perfect.

So, I dawdle and twiddle my thumbs and fill time up doing pointless tasks that don’t actually get this website launched. I am afraid of putting this out there because it isn’t perfect. And who in the world wants to read it? There are tons of other writers who are more “perfect” than me, right? 

Here’s the cool thing.

I see this perfectionism in me.

I know it’s there. In many ways, I am not a perfectionist. For example, my house is not perfect nor do I pursue perfect in my house. 

This blog is completely different. God has put a dream and a vision in my heart. It is strange but there is something in me that says people might actually want to read my words and join me on this journey of healing and victory. 

And that scares the poop out of me. This is where perfectionism comes in. The Fear of Man or People Pleasing drowns out the words of my Father. I focus on what I think everyone will say and think and I combat those voices by trying to make everything absolutely perfect. I find my definition of perfect by looking at other people and other blogs. It is crippling and paralyzing. I get nothing done. 

How did I combat this? 

I have to admit that something has to be done no matter what. 

I have to follow Nike and Just Do It.

Accept the imperfections. God is glorified in our weakness and willingness to follow Him. Click To Tweet

I know that this is not perfect. My biggest accomplishment is getting it done and I am proud of that. I am proud of putting my heart out in front of people. I  am pushing past my perfectionism and my fear of man and I am putting my whole self on the line. 

Thank you for joining me on this awesome adventure!!! I am sharing my whole self with the world. While it is scary as poo I pray God uses this journey to help others on their own journeys.



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