In the blogging world, we spend so much time making sure our writing fits in our niche and it fits the website. Mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is a time and a place for focused writing and growing a specific, niche website is most definitely one of those times.

The problem with super focused writing is that it can lead to seemingly running out of ideas. Running out ideas gets frustrating very quickly. And then comes the infamous writer’s block. GAH!

I’ve been there so many times thinking, ‘There is nothing to write about!!”

I think that is the biggest lie. There is ALWAYS something write about. Yes, always.

Yes, there is always something to write about even if that means writing about not having anything to write about. Click To Tweet

Remember when I wrote about learning to embrace writing garbage?

Here’s the truth in all of this. I’m going to throw you a bit of curveball especially now that you are finally comfortable writing garbage.

There really isn’t anything that is true garbage.

All the words we write have a purpose and should be written. Every word we write leads to something good even if it is merely getting the mind and fingers warmed up.

It all counts.

It isn’t truly garbage because even those words are important.

Why are they important?


Every word we write is good for processing our thoughts.

Every word we write is good for getting our brains and fingers warmed up to write the “good” stuff. It’s like a workout warmup. Are we going to say that the warmup is pointless or useless because it isn’t part of the actual workout? The warmup points to the good stuff.

So it is with daily writing.

Sometimes the “garbage” writing is only the first 100 words and then you are revved up and on a roll and can really get to writing. And then sometimes the “garbage’ is the whole day because you just aren’t feeling it. That’s okay.

Just keep writing about how you are feeling.

Write about how you aren’t sure what to write about.

Write about writer’s block.

Open your mind and fingers to write anything. Click To Tweet

And when we write anything that comes out and process the deep recesses of our mind we will find some pretty awesome words to share.

This writing can possibly benefit us in ways we never expected.

When I started daily writing I thought it would be the key to being a successful writer. A successful writer needs to write a lot over a long period of time. Okay, then. Write daily. Got it.

What I didn’t expect was the healing that has come from writing so much. I have allowed some things to come to the surface. I gave words to those thoughts and in so doing I have allowed myself to deal with it. I was able to write it out and let it go. You can read more in my post on The Unexpected Benefits of Writing 1000 Words a Day.

The world is full of things to write about.

We just need to open our eyes.

Become curious.



There is always something to write about.

Get to writing about everything!!






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