You know those tasks that keep bothering you even though you keep putting it off? In January, we are going to tackle a neglected task once and for all.

It is amazing that I am Month 6 of A Year of 30-Day Challenges. It feels like just yesterday I made the decision to dedicate each month to a new goal or challenge. This month, I am going to tackle a neglected task.

But first, let me explain how last month faired.

During December, my challenge was to learn a new craft. I chose to focus on knitting. I chose this challenge because it felt like the perfect fit for the cozy and busy holidays and as a post-NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month) decompressing challenge.

It started out well. I watched a few YouTube videos, checked out a book from the library, and practiced my stitches every evening while relaxing and catching up on Netflix. And then my world changed in a significant way and I confess I put my knitting needles down and didn’t pick them up the rest of the month. I would say I went at least half the month of December barely even looking at my knitting supplies.

You see, I was offered a great position in my son’s homeschooling organization (Classical Conversations) to direct and tutor a group of 7th graders. The offer came out of nowhere and sent me reeling. It is a very positive change and I am thrilled about it but it required a lot of planning, studying, and mental energy to prepare for the Spring semester. Throw in all the holiday festivities and by the end of the day, I could barely even read a book, let alone practice learning a new craft.

I am not ashamed nor do I feel guilty about not completing this challenge.

Life threw me a curveball and I just adjusted in order to catch it. It’s totally okay and I know I can pick up those knitting needles anytime I want especially now that I did learn two new stitches during the first half of December.

Also, because of this sudden change and redirection of my mental energy, I am late posting about January’s (month 6) challenge. I am only late posting about the challenge. I have actually been working on the challenge since the beginning of the month. *smiles* 

You know those tasks that keep bothering you even though you keep putting it off? In January, we are going to tackle a neglected task once and for all.

In January, I am going to Tackle a Neglected Task.

Do you have a task you have wanted to complete but it always gets pushed after other things that take higher priority, real or perceived? Does it annoy you because you want to finish this thing but it just doesn’t want to happen? 

Oh, I know that feeling all too well. I wish I could give you an awesome five-step process for how to complete that task. That would make for a great blog post that could potentially get a lot of shares and social media attention. 

The truth of the matter is there is no multi-step process for tackling a neglected task. You just have to do it. You have to put a stake in the ground and say it is going to happen now, come what may. 

January is my stake in the ground for my chosen neglected task. I will finish this project in January or at least have it mostly finished before the month is up.

Is there is a task that just won’t leave you alone because you know you need to get it done? Join me this month and get’er done!!

In Month 6 of A Year of 30-Day Challenges, I am going to Tackle a Neglected Task. Join me and Get'er Done! Click To Tweet

What is my particular neglected task, you ask?

Well, I promised my husband I would read one of his all-time favorite books YEARS ago. Do you hear me? I said would read this book YEARS ago. YEARS!  But, I never picked it up.

This particular book is a futuristic sci-fi book and sci-fi is totally not my jam. I don’t like sci-fi books or movies. The closest to sci-fi I’ve ever enjoyed is Marvel movies and I am sure most would say those aren’t even sci-fi.

I made this promise so long ago and yet it has always been in the back of my mind. I always want to keep my promises and especially to my husband. He loves this book and wants to share it with me. So, why not? I can push past my dislike for sci-fi and read one book to honor my word, right? 

I hope to have the whole book read by February 1 so it will be behind me and I can read other books that are piling up beside me. I know I can do it if I just prioritize reading each evening.  And then I can check that box and not be pestered by the need to tackle a neglected task. 

Want to join me? Leave a comment or shoot me a message about the neglected task you want to tackle. We can support each other!!




You know those tasks that keep bothering you even though you keep putting it off? In January, we are going to tackle a neglected task once and for all.

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