I am a Writer.

I am a Writer before I am a Blogger.

Yes, I write for the internet and I run a blog. I do love having space on the Internet in which I can share my writings. In that respect, I am a blogger.

But, at the core of my being, I am a writer. I write on and off the Internet. I do not write for my blog. I write for myself and then I publish my writings on my website.

If my website disappeared tomorrow, I would still write each and every day.

There are days when I get frustrated with the rat race of blogging, of vying for position on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook. There are more blogs on blogging to count and all yell about all the perfect ways to do each thing. I hear from every direction how I HAVE TO focus on…

  • SEO
  • Page Views
  • Perfect Pinnable Images
  • Group Boards
  • And perfect email newsletters
  • Opt-Ins
  • And Editorial Calendars

I know all these things are important to the business of blogging and I happily receive the coaching. Lord knows I need the help. 

And yet, I hold my head and shake it back and forth.



I ask, “What have I become? This is not why I started!! I just want to WRITE!”

Wait….”I just want to write!”



So, disillusioned bloggers, I am asking you (and me) to do something different in 2018.

Let’s get back to the truth of JUST WRITING. Click To Tweet

Forget the Blogosphere.

Forget incessant SEO obsession.

Forget Pinterest craziness.

Forget daily page view checks.

Let’s get back to writing for writing’s sake.

Let’s get back to creating art with our words.


We paint a canvas with the strokes of our words.

We create entire worlds.

We tap into the hearts of our readers.

We give people permission to say, “ME TOO!”

In 2018, let’s start each day with a blank page.

Let’s look at that blank page not as a chore but as an opportunity. An opportunity to open wardrobes and hearts.

On that blank page, WRITE!

Write with reckless abandon.

Don’t edit. Just write.

Reach into your chest, grab hold of your heart, and let it bleed out on that page. Click To Tweet

Don’t censure yourself. Feelings, no matter how raw, are welcome on that page.

Worlds that you have created in your imagination are welcome on this page. You love retreating to these worlds. So why not open that world up on the page so that it becomes real for all?

Write for NO ONE but yourself.

The only thing that is not welcome here is the details of blogging. No Pinterest. No Instagram. No SEO. No niche. No Facebook. And NO pageviews.

The door is locked while you write. It is just YOU and your heart.

In 2018, let’s bring the authenticity back to our writing.

Let’s be true to ourselves and in so doing we grow our own unique voice that is louder than the constant humming of sameness.

Build your voice by being true to yourself in your writing.

And then, when we have written with the truth in our hearts…

Let’s edit and publish, share and network, with our brains.

A good writer is also a people person. Click To Tweet

I am not dumb, Y’all. I know full well that at the heart of every writer is the intense desire to be heard. Sometimes that desire is so strong it just hurts.

That’s when we bring in the Business of Blogging.

But, when you write from your heart first your words will resound in other people’s hearts and then you will be heard.

In 2018, let’s not lose our writing soul on the altar of blogging.

Keep the first thing first and the rest will come together.



Stock Image Credit:
Aaron Burden

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21 comments on “2018: Getting Back To The Heart Of Writing”

  1. thanks for sharing this I am a new blogger just a few months in and I really had to pause and refocus on my true drive to doing this, I love writing and I am going to focus on creating good quality pieces and actually maintaining my passion before everything else “I am a first and foremost a writer”, beautifully said.

    • Thanks for coming by and GOOD LUCK on your blog!!! Keep up the good work!!! Do care to share your url so I can take a look?

  2. Love this post!! When you write and let your heart pour out onto the page it FEELS SO GOOD! I have also found that as a blogger – when I do this, my readers really take notice. The tough part is the creativity isn’t always there – hence why I may drop everything to write at 3am or in the middle of other tasks. I just try and write when the ideas come knocking 🙂

  3. You read my mind. I am in the same boat as you, it’s challenging being a writer in a blogging work sometimes though. but as. Long as your writing makes you happy, the other stuff doesn’t matter 🌟

  4. I LOVE this! I am a writer first as well. I was a writer years before I started blogging. I blog as my own kind of therapy really, and I don’t use it to make money. It’s all about the writing for me. I’m so glad I’m not alone in thinking of myself as a writer first and blogger second.

  5. Yes! It took me about a month of “blogging” to say, “oh to hell with this.”

    I am not a blogger.

    I am a writer who happens to have a website where I post my essays, and many people call that a blog.

    Haha. I have subscribed to your site. I love your writing voice.

    Let’s bleed on the page together.

    I would love to have you join my FB group for strong empowered women.


    Your voice would be a welcome addition over there.



  6. I am a writer who has become overwhelmed with the world of blogging. I vow to get back to the basics of writing with my heart beginning this week. This post was perfect timing for me. Thank you!

    • I am so glad I was able to encourage you. I completely understand being overwhelmed with the blogging world. So frustrating. I support you!!! Keep writing HARD!! 🙂

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